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KYOS offers specialized advise on trading and risk management in energy markets. Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modelling and advisory services in commodity markets. Our sophisticated solutions are developed to support decision making, investment proposals and risk calculations. KYOS has a clear focus on the following areas: Products, Consulting and Training.

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    Working at KYOS

    Working at KYOS

    For our continuous development of energy trading and risk management models we are looking for talented and enthusiastic quantitative consultants and for software developers. He/she will work at the intersection of mathematical algorithms, optimization techniques, databases, interfaces and customer support.


    KYOS Energy Consulting has a range of quantitative models with applications in energy trading, valuation and risk management. Various models are currently in use at large corporations, but KYOS continuously works on the further improvement, extension and integration of its energy model range. This leads to a range of activities, often in collaboration with system vendors and end-users.