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KYOS offers specialized advise on trading and risk management in energy markets. Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modelling and advisory services in commodity markets. Our sophisticated solutions are developed to support decision making, investment proposals and risk calculations. KYOS has a clear focus on the following areas: Products, Consulting and Training.

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    KyPlant - Power Plant Optimization

    KyPlant software determines the value of a (portfolio of) power plants by quickly calculating the optimal dispatch. The real options-based model combines actual plant behaviour with realistic price simulations. The model quickly identifies plant value, supports trading decisions and reports exposures.

    KyPlant is used for:

    • Front office dispatch optimization
    • Long term  power plant investment analysis
    • Risk management – calculation of delta and gamma positions
    • Valuation of virtual power plants

    Stochastic optimization on day ahead, intraday and imbalance market

    KyPlant can be used for a single power station or for a portfolio of power stations. Detailed technical characteristics can be provided as input. A true stochastic optimization can be performed on:

    • (half) hourly day-ahead market
    • re-optimization on intra-day market
    • imbalance market

    Backtest functionality is incorporated to evaluate how much profits could have been generated with the combination of forward hedging and spot optimization. To read more about backtest results using KyPlant, click here. KYOS white paper about valuation aspects of power stations can be downloaded here.

    Portfolio optimization including heat buffer

    An optimization for a portfolio of power assets is especially relevant when there is a combined obligation, for instance an obligation to supply heat to an industry park or a city. Sometimes a heat buffer is available, implying the power stations can produce in the most attractive hours while excess heat is stored. In less attractive hours, the power station(s) can be shut down, and heat can be taken from the buffer to fulfill the demand. KyPlant allows to stochastically calculate the optimal dispatch including the use of a heat buffer.

    Outputs: (half) hourly values, delta, gamma and more

    The output of KyPlant includes:

    • Optimal dispatch schedule on (half) hourly basis
    • Intrinsic plant value and true stochastic (real-option) value
    • Greeks: delta and gamma on hourly basis for all commodities
    • Detailed  statistics: P&L items, power production (full load & part load), fuel consumption, emissions, starts, equivalent operating hours, outages, costs, etc

    In case you are interested in hydro power plants, please read about KyHydro.