Experts in energy modeling, consulting and training!

KYOS offers specialized advise on trading and risk management in energy markets. Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modelling and advisory services in commodity markets. Our sophisticated solutions are developed to support decision making, investment proposals and risk calculations. KYOS has a clear focus on the following areas: Products, Consulting and Training.

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    Added value

    KYOS delivers services that directly add value. We bring in depth knowledge on commodity markets and advanced modelling techniques to customers with the aim that customers improve their knowledge base. Characteristics of our solutions:

    1. Experienced in energy

    KYOS has an experienced team of consultants in the energy industry. We combine a deep understanding of energy markets with quantitative modelling skills. This enables us to develop powerful solutions!

    2. Practical solutions

    KYOS offers practical solutions that directly pay off. Our solutions are generally built by applying advanced theoretical knowledge to daily problems. Our goal however remains to produce solutions that can actually be used in day-to-day business.

    3. Transfer of knowledge

    KYOS aims to improve the knowledge base of the customer. This is done automatically through trainings and workshops, but we also adopt this approach in our consultancy practice. KYOS gives customers the option to have full access to the source code of all its models. This transparency makes us unique.

    4. Flexible models

    Our models are generally built in Matlab or Excel. This means that our applications are very flexible for potential changes. Combined with the source code, customers can choose to maintain and change our models according to their own insight.

    5. Best practice

    KYOS solutions are used worldwide. This applies to both our consulting practice as to our training activities. It enables us to remain up to date with the 'best practice'. These practices are automatically copied in our working standard, which is useful for all our customers.

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