As a software supplier to energy markets, we see our customers are confronted with the consequences of renewable energy and sustainability on daily basis.

Within our capabilities, KYOS also contributes to a green and sustainable environment:

KYOS delivers its software via cloud computing servers. The usage of virtual servers, our default offer to clients, is around 4 times more energy efficient than physical servers.

It is our objective to fly only when needed and when other transport or communication options are significantly less effective. Also to avoid traveling we actively use conference calls and have a good infrastructure for it, including a separate room for conference calls with large screen and audio-conferencing facilities.

News: CO2 Compensation 2018

Already for many years KYOS management has been stimulating the use of public transport for our staff and for management. Our staff is also provided a train card and we have only two members of staff coming to the office by car, of which one is fully electric. Further reduction in our carbon foot print is achieved by allowing KYOS personnel to work 1 day a week from home.

Paper, glass, ink cartridges, plastics and computer hardware waste are collected and disposed off separately. Note our waste production is relatively limited because almost all our activities are paperless.

We continue to invest in further reducing energy/waste where possible.