Charity support to Free Press Unlimited

24 January 2023

Free Press Unlimited chosen charity for 2022

KYOS believes a sustainable world can only be realized when people, governments and also companies take responsibility and invest in those places where it is most needed. Each year, we donate therefore a substantial part of the annual profit to charity. We support a few different charities each year. In 2022, we opted additionally for Free Press Unlimited. In this article, read more about the valuable work they do.

Free Press Unlimited is an international press freedom organization that collaborates with 120 local media partners in 54 countries. In short, it is their mission to make independent news and information available to everyone.

The focus of Free Press Unlimited is divided between six different themes:

Safety of journalists

Even in Western countries, press freedom and independent media are increasingly under threat. Harassment, intimidation and attacks are part of daily life. FPU believes that a safe work environment is a basic need in order for independent media to exist. FPU works on getting better jurisdiction in place, carries out safety training for journalists, and also has a funding scheme for reporters in distress.

Equity and inclusion

FPU strives for equal gender opportunities, including acceptation of the full gender spectrum and creating a more diverse representation – notably of women in the media. Also young people are not forgotten. Traditional media do not always reach the age group under 25, and fake news is abundant on social media. FPU finds it therefore important to increase media literacy in this group.

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Photo courtesy of Free Press Unlimited

Journalism and accountability

The idea here is that those with power are accountable for their actions, and good journalism makes this available to the general public. This ranges for example from sharing and explaining information, to democratic initiative and debate. Key is to have quality journalism abiding by ethical standards.

Media viability

The term ‘independence’ is important here: referring not only to government interference, but also the power of media conglomerates and the idea that good journalism requires independent reporting. Programs focus on the independence of journalists.

Media and conflict

In order to reach a resolution in conflict situations, the public needs correct and neutral information. Independent media are essential in this. The help of FPU is twofold: on one hand they focus on strengthening professional journalism, on the other they also provide practical solutions to keep media organizations operational.

Enabling Environment

Related to all areas above is environment in which journalists operate. “An enabling environment is conducive to freedom of expression and press freedom so that journalists and media can work professionally. Only then can they fulfill their vital role in society by bringing reliable and timely information to people and by holding decision makers and powerholders to account”. Freedom of speech and press freedom require functioning legislation so that journalists can express their opinions without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately this is not the case in many countries…

Free Press Unlimited believes that everyone has the right to independent, reliable and timely information. People need that information to control their living conditions and to make the right decisions.

To make this possible, Free Press Unlimited supports media and journalists worldwide.

Our vision is short and to the point: People deserve to know. All over the world.


For more information about this charity: Free Press Unlimited