Charity update Heifer: Rwanda dairy project

15 April 2021

Rwanda dairy project

Every year we donate part of our profits to charity. Since 2011 we support the work of Heifer. This organization helps farmers and their families in various parts of the world in setting up a business with the aim of becoming financially independent. Heifer wishes to combat famine and end the poverty of families, all whilst maintaining respect for the environment.

This year we are supporting a project in Rwanda. The Dairy Development Project (article in Dutch) will run for 5 years, and looks at all chances and possibilities for the dairy sector. Heifer targets especially women and teenagers with this project, with the idea that the extra income the families will generate, will structurally improve their quality of life.

heifer rwanda dairy project

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The dairy project also seeks to increase milk production, next to improving the milk quality. To reach these objectives, Heifer invests in professionalizing the dairy co-operatives in twelve districts in Rwanda. Part of the investment will go towards initiatives to improve the sustainability of the dairy chain. In total, the lives of 41.200 farmer families should be positively impacted by this project!

Unfortunately COVID-19 has a big impact on the demand of diary products. Demand has decreased dramatically due to the restrictions put on hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and government institutions. To become less dependent on milk, the co-operative will expand their corn processing facilities. Another advantage is that the margin on corn products is higher. The good news is that vaccination has started in Rwanda, and some of the restrictions have been lifted. As a result, travelling between regions is possible again, as well as having meetings to educate the farmers – albeit in smaller groups.