Charity update: Red een kind (save a child)

18 April 2023

Update Red een Kind (Save a child): supported project in Malawi

With part of our profits we support several charities. We received an update from the charity ‘Red een Kind’ (Save a child) on a project in Malawi, Africa, which we helped to finance.

Improving Climate Change Resilience of rural households through sustainable use and management of natural resources

Youths in Malawi are taking issues of Climate Change in their hands realizing that no-one will come to their rescue. Action to bring back lost forests while using clean energy to reduce firewood use for cooking is being championed by the youth communities in Mwalwene, Zilakoma and Edingeni. Malawian youth is on the right track by scaling up innovative green businesses. By doing so they earn money for now and safe our planet for the future generations. Besides tree planting, the activities include clean cooking, green house business and solar irrigation.

youth malawi update charity red een kind

Jovwira youth group of 15 youth members Plants 8,719 pine trees as a long term investment on community wasteland. Foto credit: Red een Kind