Hydrogen and P2X Conference 2024 Copenhagen

Join us at the Hydrogen and P2X Conference 2024

fortes hydrgen and p2x conference 2024The Hydrogen and P2X Conference 2024 organized by Fortes will bring together all the pioneers in hydrogen storage, on June 19 and 20 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Steven Verbeek from KYOS will present on the involvement of hydrogen storage in your renewable energy mix.

To register for this conference: Hydrogen & P2X 2024 (fortesmedia.com)

More information on financial aspects of renewable power

Have a look at the E-Book that Cyriel de Jong wrote on “The financials of renewable power and PPA’s”. It provides more insight in the various methods, for example used in long-term or short-term forecasting, creating simulations and price forecasts. Highly recommended! When you sign up for our newsletter, you will get free access to this E-Book.

Our solution for green hydrogen storages: KyH2

What is your optimal configuration of green power generation and electrolysis? Together we help you find your best business case for green hydrogen! KYOS has extensive knowledge of the energy industry. We advise owners and developers of (green) hydrogen projects on assessing the income stream of their plant or project.

You can use this key information for example for:

  • internal valuation purposes
  • identifying the best hydrogen opportunities in the market
  • structuring and sizing projects
  • evaluating the risks
  • and reporting to investors and other stakeholders

If you wish to have more information, please contact us: info@kyos.com or continue to read: Green hydrogen – KYOS


19 & 20 Jun 2024


Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Ørestads Blvd. 114 - 118
2300 Copenhagen