Power price forecasting summit

power price forecasting summit Barcelona 2022The Power price forecasting summit will take place from 9-10 June 2022 in Barcelona. KYOS is proud to sponsor this event. On Thursday 9 June at 12.00u, Cyriel de Jong will present and host a Q&A session on the fundamentals and stochastics of renewable power risk management.

In his presentation Cyriel will cover:

  • Changing market price dynamics
  • Capture rate forecasting using a fundamental approach
  • Joint processes for renewable power generation and power prices
  • Profit-at-Risk for a portfolio of renewables
  • Evaluating dynamic hedging strategies

About the Power price forecasting summit

The power price forecasting summit is a two-day business networking event that will create a platform for in-depth discussions and insights on current industry challenges. Leading experts from analytic departments of power generation and energy tradingĀ  companies, energy utilities, and electricity TSO/DSO will shed light on deliberate strategies to improve electricity price forecasting techniques. Specifically for the day-ahead and intraday forecasting for electricity markets, price modelling, and long-term electricity price analysis.

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KYOS helps you with setting a price for your resources, guide you with investing and contracting (PPA) decisions, and offers you the tools to manage the price risks of any type of portfolio with renewable generation and energy storage. Next to our solutions for renewable energy, we also offer software for the valuation and optimization of conventional power assets and natural gas storages.

We are the leading provider of analytical software and data services in European energy markets. With our unrivalled web-based software platform you can value and optimize your energy storages. In addition you get the possibility to manage a complete portfolio of renewable assets and contracts. KYOS is also the number 1 provider of hourly price forward curves for European power.

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09 & 10 Jun 2022


Leonardo Hotel Royal Barcelona Fira, C/ Alts Forns, 40
08083 Barcelona