Webinar: Managing long-term price risks in PPAs

Webinar KYOS EEX: managing long term price risks in ppasSign up now for this interesting webinar about managing long-term price risks in PPAs.

Understand the financial risks of renewable energy and PPA contracts, including the capture rate. Furthermore, learn how to use futures to hedge long-term price risks.

KYOS has teamed up with EEX, the European Energy Exchange to bring you a short but informative session, for free.

Webinar Details:

Topic: Managing long-term price risks in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

When: Tuesday 30 June 2020

Time: 15.00 CET

Duration: about 45 minutes

This webinar will be in English and will be recorded.


15:00 – Introduction to the webinar

15:05 –Viviana Ciancibello (EEX), Hedging with long-term power futures

  • Using the standard Base Futures to hedge long-term price risk
  • The finer details: initial margin and variation margin
  • A look at long-term hedging activity in EEX Spanish Power
  • What’s next for hedging renewable energy price risk on exchange?

15:20 –Cyriel de Jong (KYOS), Forecasting power prices and capture rates

  • Financial exposures of renewable energy projects: price, volume and capture rate
  • What will be the power price in 2030?
  • The cannibalization effect and capture rates
  • Forecasting long-term power prices and capture rates

15:35 – Q&A and discussion

15:45 – End of the webinar


Cyriel de Jong, KYOS. Cyriel is founder and CEO of KYOS, based in the Netherlands. KYOS is the leading provider of analytical software and data services in European energy markets. It offers an unrivalled web-based software platform to value PPA contracts, and to manage a complete portfolio of renewable assets and contracts. KYOS is also the number 1 provider of hourly price forward curves for European power.

Viviana Ciancibello, EEX. Viviana is at EEX responsible for business development of power derivatives, and based in London. EEX is the leading energy exchange in Europe which develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and related products. Exchange trading and trade registration of EEX power futures enable medium to long-term portfolio optimisation for project developers, corporates and energy traders in renewable energy.

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30 - 30 Jun 2020