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Join our webinar on new technologies in renewable power generation!

Solar and wind are well-known sources of renewable energy generation – but are there any new technologies on the horizon? KYOS is on top of new developments in energy markets, and helps investors to assess the role of different technologies.

In this webinar, we are particularly proud to present two high-tech innovators who will help shape our renewable energy future: Kitepower and SeaQurrent.

Coincidentally both companies develop new technologies to generate electricity using kite technology. Kitepower, a successful spin-off from Delft University of Technology, developed a kite that operates at high altitudes (up to 1km). It has a low footprint and can quickly be deployed stand-alone or jointly with a battery system.

SeaQurrent’s kite operates below sea level to capture the energy from tidal flows. It has great potential for coastal areas, where tidal flows can be strong, and energy demand is large.

Curious why kites are making waves and flying high in our future renewable energy mix? Walter Hueber and Maarten Berkhout share insights about the technology and its potential to power communities globally.



  • Date: Thursday 6 July 2023
  • Time: 14.30 CET (13.30 UK time)
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Speakers: Walter Hueber – Kitepower and Maarten Berkhout – SeaQurrent
  • This webinar will be more like a panel discussion, led by Cyriel de Jong – KYOS

    Walter Hueber – Kitepower

    Maarten Berkhout – SeaQurrent





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06 - 06 Jul 2023