DycoTrade customer event 2023

18 April 2023

DycoTrade customer event

dycotrade customer event 2023
On April 4, 2023, DycoTrade organized a customer event at which Richard Cornielje presented at one of the break-out sessions. To view the slides of his presentation: DycoTrade customer event 4 April 2023 KYOS

About KYOS

KYOS Commodity Risk Solutions understands the needs of commodity market players. We have worked for decades in commodity and energy trading. Especially if you are dealing with multiple commodities such as raw materials, ingredients, packaging, energy for production – with all of these: we support you with excellent trading and risk management software and services, incorporating best-in-class financial modelling techniques.

Our software helps to streamline processes, improves financial performance and reduces risks. Moreover, our automatic reports give you and your stakeholders consistent and up-to-date information to make better decisions. Whether you are in the food, packaging, energy or metals markets – KYOS has the tools and expertise to help you manage your commodity price exposures.

KYOS Portfolio Risk Management system

KYOS offers various software solutions for the commodity sector, all embedded in the KYOS Analytical Platform. The Platform is a combination of a CTRM, coupled with high-end financial analytics. Our fully integrated system offers a range of commodity risk reports. For example, it provides insight into positions, exposures, P&L, cash-flows and MtM. As a result, it is possible to drill down from portfolio to book, from counterparty to individual contracts, from the company as a whole to a specific category. In addition, Advanced at-Risk models complement our offering with clear insights in projected cashflows versus benchmark levels.

Our Platform is in use by more than 50 corporate clients around the globe. While we are adding many new clients each year, the satisfaction of our clients is what matters to us most. How can we help you? Let us know the challenges you are facing – we are looking forward to a fruitful discussion!

For more information: KYOS CCA Brochure.

Or contact us for a short demo: info@kyos.com