Energy Storage Report

12 February 2024

Energy storage Report: Battery revenues

KYOS Energy storage report Feb 2024Regularly we will publish an update in our energy storage report, where we give you an update about battery revenues for the European energy markets. We compare the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Three different market strategies are considered: Day Ahead, Intraday, and Intraday and Imbalance (where applicable). We have also included a twelve-month history of Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) prices.

In which direction are these markets moving? Which market is the most profitable? Have a look at the full report:

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KYOS Energy storage model

The KyBattery Energy Storage Optimization model is our solution to value energy storages, including battery and pumped hydro operations. As the energy transition progresses, the industry develops many new solar and wind parks. But it is true that we cannot consume all energy at the moment that it is generated by these sources. Energy storage units are hence the answer to store the surplus of solar and wind energy and balance the electricity system.

KyBattery supports all types of energy storage assets, including pumped hydropower storage, battery storage, hydrogen storage, compressed air energy storage (CAES) and heat storage. All of them play an increasingly important role to support balancing the electricity system.

Our KyBattery tool supports traders and portfolio managers in electricity markets. Above all, the battery storage optimization software raises revenues from battery storage trading operations, and provides accurate valuations and reduces risk with adequate hedge recommendations. The model uses advanced stochastics including Least Squares Monte Carlo techniques to capture the full optionality in battery storage facilities.

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