HedgeStar to become official distributor of KYOS Risk Management software

3 June 2021

Press Release

Hedgestar logoHedgeStar to become official partner to distribute KYOS Risk Management software


HedgeStar and KYOS announce a collaboration allowing HedgeStar to become the official distributor of KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management (PRM) software in North America.

The KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management system (PRM) has been purposely developed to enhance risk management for clients in multiple industries; from retail, agricultural, food and beverage, chemicals, metals and the energy sector. The user friendly KYOS PRM system aggregates information from physical and financial contracts, volume forecasts and market prices. Information is stored, processed, and translated into relevant and clear risk metrics. Multiple standardized reports provide insight to users across the organization supporting critical decisions.

Craig Haymaker, Chief Operating Officer at HedgeStar: “We were seeking a technology partner with a proven product and an appetite for rapid growth.  KYOS addressed both criteria.  Their multi-asset risk analytics platform is best-in-class and their company culture aligns seamlessly with HedgeStar’s – creative, customer driven and massively entrepreneurial.  I am very excited to see what the future holds with KYOS and HedgeStar working side-by-side!”

With this strategic partnership, both companies broaden their horizon. KYOS has extensive experience in Europe, Asia and has several US based customers utilizing its commodity risk management software. “We are very pleased to have found in HedgeStar a strategic partner with an established presence and customer base in North America,” says Richard Cornielje, Director Corporate Clients of KYOS CCA. “We believe our software makes commodity risk management much more manageable, not only for procurement, but also for the treasury and finance departments.”

About KYOS

KYOS offers specialized advice on trading and risk management in commodity markets. Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modeling and advisory services in commodity markets. We developed our sophisticated solutions to support decision making, investment proposals and risk calculations. Our solutions are used amongst a broad customer base, including the major players in the commodity markets. www.kyos.com

About HedgeStar

Founded in 2004, HedgeStar delivers risk management consulting, software consulting, derivative valuation and hedge accounting services, across interest rates, currencies and commodities. We are experts in FASB, GASB and IFRS standards related to accounting for derivatives and fair value measurements. Our global clients include public and private corporations, real estate trusts, accounting firms, law firms, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and governmental entities.

The HedgeStar team is comprised of valuation experts, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and hedging program professionals. We deliver our services with a personal touch. We understand our clients and their portfolios and are an extension of their risk, finance and accounting departments. We strive to live by our core values everyday. hedgestar.com

For more information please contact:

Mr. Craig Haymaker
6400 Flying Cloud Drive #212
Minneapolis MN 55344
Phone: +1 866 200 9012
E-Mail: info@hedgestar.com

Mr. Richard Cornielje
Nieuwe Gracht 49
2011 ND Haarlem, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 23 5510 221
E-Mail: info@kyos.com