Interview European power market magazine

27 May 2021
interview petroleum economist Cyriel de Jong

European power market magazine featured an interview with our own Cyriel de Jong in their May 2021 edition. Editor-in-Chief Peter Ramsay interviewed various leaders of the industry:

  • Cyriel de Jong – Data begets data.¬†Historic and real-time fundamentals are not the only information show in town, says software provider KYOS
  • Michael Waldner – The rise of PPAs. The end of guaranteed prices for renewables generation is sparking a revolution in risk management
  • Paul Monk – The imperfection of data. While transparency and data provision have made huge strides, there are still information gaps and quality¬† ¬†problems, warns the founder of UK power analysis firm Catalyst Commodities
  • Georg Ostermaier – The rush to intraday. The profits to be made from optimising a portfolio on a close-to-real-time basis have driven a significant shift in the market
  • Peter Bance – Retaining the special sauce. Complex intra-day power markets increasingly require AI support. But it is important market actors have their own proprietary solutions
  • Phil Hewitt – Regulatory change transforms the trading landscape. The rise of intermittent generation is not the only agent of change in electricity markets. Rule changes can also have a significant impact
  • Rajiv Gogna – Taking the short term to the long. The rise of renewables has revolutionised short-term trading. But that will have a feedback loop on the longer-term market
  • Matt Nicholas – The rise of non-traditional actors. In the new world of decentralised generation, batteries, EVs and more sophisticated demand-side response, almost any organisation of size is potentially a power market participant
  • Hugo Birkelund – Old dogs learn new tricks. The founders of Energy Quantified by Montel have built analysis models before. But this time they have torn up the rulebook

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