KYOS advises GIGA Storage on majority shareholding acquisition by InfraVia

21 May 2024
Press Release

KYOS advises GIGA Storage on the acquisition by InfraVia of a majority shareholding in GIGA Storage

kyos advises giga storage on majority acquisitionKYOS Energy Consulting BV (KYOS) has recently advised GIGA Storage in the majority shareholding acquisition by InfraVia Capital Partners. GIGA Storage (“GIGA”) develops Battery Energy Storage Systems (“BESS”) in the Netherlands and Belgium, and found in InfraVia Capital Partners (“InfraVia”), the ideal partner to reach their growth ambitions.

At KYOS we are proud to have been involved in this process as economic advisors to GIGA. KYOS is a leading expert in the optimization and valuation of flexibility in energy markets. It has developed a unique software suite to assess revenue streams of battery assets. The software is supported by a dedicated quant and market analysis team to assist with BESS projects. KYOS’ assessment of GIGA’s large-scale BESS projects in the Netherlands and Belgium formed the basis for GIGA’s financial forecasts.

CEO Cyriel de Jong states “It was a great pleasure working for over a year with the GIGA team and other advisors on this transaction. The energy transition requires batteries in many parts of the value chain, and GIGA is going to play a significant role. With our quantitative software, we closely replicate the trading strategies of battery optimizers on a large number of potential future market developments. This has given Infravia a realistic insight in GIGA’s revenue potential and supported their decision to invest in GIGA.”

GIGA Storage, founded in 2018, has since developed several BESS in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the BESS landscape they are one of the few independent platforms to integrate the full value chain. This means they develop and construct a BESS, but are also involved in the market operation of owned battery capacity as a balancing party to the network operators. Currently two sites are operational in the Netherlands, and others in the process of being constructed.

The investment positions InfraVia as the majority shareholder in GIGA Storage, underscoring the firm’s commitment to accelerate the energy transition across Europe. GIGA Storage’s projects will align growing, intermittent renewables generation with increasing, inelastic electricity demand, which is critical to simultaneously decarbonise the power mix and maintain a stable, reliable electricity grid.

For more information, see GIGA Storage’s press release.