InterGen decided to use our KYOS KyPlant software model

9 August 2019

KYOS part of new ETRM system of UK Power company InterGen

InterGen decided to use KYOS Analytical Platform

InterGen Rocksavage Power Station, Weston UK © Copyright Chris Allen


We are very proud to announce that InterGen decided to use our KYOS Analytical Platform to optimize their power assets in the United Kingdom. As part of the analytical platform, they have selected the KyPlant software model to provide them with optimal dispatch and hedging decisions.

InterGen operates three gas-fired power stations in the United Kingdom, generating around 5% of the UK’s capacity. In 2018 they made the decision to replace their existing Energy Trading and Risk Management  (ETRM) system.

They selected consultancy firm Baringa Partners to lead this initiative. The integration of the KYOS’ software into the chosen ETRM solution went smoothly, and as a result, both Baringa and InterGen are pleased with the successful implementation after ten months of designing, developing and testing the new system. 

The programme included replacing a number of legacy trading and nomination systems and migrating InterGen’s trade position from their legacy ETRM solution. It also included the selection, implementation and integration to KYOS – a market leading system that enables InterGen to perform better asset optimisation and gross margin at risk metrics.

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Advantages KyPlant

KyPlant supports traders and plant owners in power markets. Most importantly, the power plant optimization software determines the value of power plants by quickly calculating the optimal dispatch. It also supports trading decisions and reports exposures. Besides that, the real options-based model combines actual plant and contract characteristics with realistic price simulations. Furthermore, you can not only apply the model to real physical power plants, but also to virtual power plants, spark and dark spread options, and power options.

  • Increase revenues of power plants and power products
  • Deal with all power plant characteristics and optionalities
  • Make quick calculations, fully automated
  • Enjoy easy interfaces with market and other data
  • Calculate accurate values and hedges with Monte Carlo simulations

More information

Of course we are very happy that InterGen decided to use our KYOS Analytical Platform. Would you like more information about using KyPlant or other KYOS software? Contact us via the contact form in the black section below, or send an e-mail to