2008-2018 10-year Anniversary

25 September 2018

KYOS is celebrating its 10-year anniversary!


  • Create scenarios and power price forecasts
  • Get detailed results per power plant per hour
  • Covering 25+ EU countries and internal price zones
  • Enjoy user-friendly interface and fast calculations
We are 10 years in business and we would like to celebrate this with you! Sign up to get a year-long access to our KyPF Power Fundamental model. You will have long-term power prices at your fingertips!

See how easy-to-use the model is, and define your own scenarios. Use the outcome to assess for example investment decisions, trading strategies or policy changes. All professionals in the European power industry can sign up.

  • Create long-term power prices 2020 – 2040
  • Easily define your own scenarios
  • Free European datasets included

imagie balloonTo sign up, just leave your details in the section below – we will then contact you. With this promotion, we would like to support the energy industry in making better informed decisions. We hope this will lead not only to a smoother, but also to a more economic energy transition*.

Join our 10-year anniversary celebrations and take advantage of our offer!

KyPower Fundamental Model

KyPowerFundamentals (KyPF) creates hourly power price forecasts. The software is used to assess the impact of policy changes, assist with strategic investment decisions and to support trading activities.

Moreover, KyPF has the unique feature of integrating Monte Carlo simulations into fundamental power market modelling. This provides a much broader perspective on potential future developments than in the traditional deterministic fundamental market models.

The model calculates the optimal dispatch of hundreds or even thousands of power stations. As a matter of fact, detailed hourly modelling is done per power plant, including start curves, maintenance periods, runtimes, etc. Furthermore, it models multiple markets simultaneously, while at the same time optimizing interconnection flows. KyPF is of course fully integrated in the KYOS Analytical Platform. With automated data feeds, up-to-date fundamental curves are always available.

* Terms and Conditions apply. KYOS reserves the right to refuse or restrict free access to KYOS services at any point in time. Offer valid until 31 December 2018


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