KyPF Fundamental Power Market Analysis – monthly update

12 July 2018

Fundamental Power Market Analysis across Europe

KYOS will bring you regularly the highlights of the fundamental power price assessments of some key European Power Markets. At this stage we concentrate on Germany/Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Additionally, we will focus on a particular market scenario and look at its impact on the power market in more detail. Either we zoom in on a country, or we discuss the impact of renewable energy sources. But always with the central question in mind: how will it affect the future power price?

KyPF Power Fundamentals

The KYOS power price assessments have been calculated with the fundamental power market model, KyPF. It gives you a very detailed hourly optimization of all individual power plants in the market, including gas, coal, lignite, nuclear and hydro power stations.

A big plus of the KYOS Power Fundamental model is that it captures the true flexibility of the assets. It allows for optimizing between minimum and maximum load, using efficiency curves. Moreover, the model takes the start costs of power plants into account.

This leads therefore to a very realistic behavior of the individual power plants, as it reflects prices very close to real market behavior. Furthermore, the model optimizes the interconnection flows between the countries.

Quarterly reports

With our KyPF model we evaluate power prices for Germany/Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands Take advantage of our free service to you – we will post a new update on this page regularly.

Please click on the date below for the corresponding pdf:

# 5 June 2018 KyPF: Wind Power in Germany (updated)

# 4 April 2018 KyPF: German Coal Phase Out

# 3 February 2018 KyPF: CO2

# 2 January 2018 KyPF: Case Study France continued

# 1 December 2017 KyPF: Case Study France


More information?

KyPowerFundamentals (KyPF) creates hourly power price forecasts. It is especially beneficial if you wish to obtain an outlook on power prices over a longer horizon. The software is used to assess the impact of policy changes, assist with strategic investment decisions and to support trading activities. As an additional bonus, KyPF has the unique feature of integrating Monte Carlo simulations into fundamental power market modelling. Due to these MC simulations, the KyPF model provides a much broader perspective on potential future developments than the traditional deterministic fundamental market models.

KYOS valuation software is widely used in the energy industry. You can find more information about our fundamental models in our analytical platform on our price analytics page. Contact us for more information about the models and assumptions underlying this report, or to request a demonstration of the KYOS software via the form below or e-mail us:

Please let us know what you think about this report – we do hope you find it useful! Are you missing information? Or do you have any questions, or suggestions? We look forward to hearing from you!