New – use Python to capture your specific requirements

8 July 2019

Create your own functionalities with Python

Most of the mathematical models in the KYOS Analytical Platform are programmed in MATLAB. Whereas this provides a solid framework for our software models, we found that it is not always easy to customize and adapt all of your specific requirements.

We have therefore made it possible to create your own functionalities with the free open source code Python. This way you are able to integrate your own specific algorithms into our Platform.

You can easily add for example:

  • Specific pay-off functions of contracts
  • Time-series forecasting algorithms
  • PPA valuation approaches

Specific contracts

If you have complex contracts that cannot easily be captured and valued in our standard functionality, use our Python extension for this.

Time-series forecasting algorithms

Our software uses very advanced algorithms to get to the most accurate analytics. However, you might need something specific that we do not provide yet. For example in solar and wind forecasting, you may want to include a specific approach for weather modelling. With the Python extension you can incorporate your methodology to our Platform.

PPA valuation approaches

In case of making valuations for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), it is a mix of very specific contracts and time-series forecasting that you would need. Your contract structures are likely to differ per customer, and probably even per contract. With this in mind, use Python to capture all the specific contract data. Combine this also with the weather forecast information to make the best possible analysis.

More information

Would you like more information about using Python with KYOS software? Contact us via the contact form in the black section below, or send an e-mail to