Nexidus Commodities official distributor in North America

10 October 2019

Press Release

Nexidus Commodities to become official distributor of KYOS’ analytical software

Nexidus Commodities to become partner of KYOS in North AmericaNexidus Commodities and KYOS announce a collaboration allowing Nexidus Commodities to become the official distributor of KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management (PRM) software in North America.

The KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management system (PRM) has been purposely developed to enhance risk management for clients in multiple industries; from retail, agricultural, food and beverage, chemicals, metals and the energy sector. The user friendly KYOS PRM system aggregates information from physical and financial contracts, volume forecasts and market prices. Information is stored, processed, and translated into relevant and clear risk metrics. Multiple standardized reports provide insight to users across the organization supporting critical decisions.

“The KYOS software platform is incredibly robust, reliable, and contains an excellent mathematical engine. I am delighted to offer our clients a system that is not only easy to use, but also provides hedging recommendations based on results they can trust” says Adam Jackson, CEO of Nexidus Commodities.. “This partnership will allow Nexidus to provide a level of service hat is unrivaled in the industry. The system was built for industrial commodity players of all sizes and has capabilities that rival any system I’ve used in my career,” says Erik Serio, Managing Partner of Nexidus Commodities.

With this strategic partnership, both companies broaden their horizon. KYOS has extensive experience in Europe, Asia and has several US based customers utilizing its commodity risk management software. “We are very pleased to have found in Nexidus Commodities a strategic partner with an established presence and customer base in North America,” says Richard Cornielje, Director Corporate Clients of KYOS CCA. “We believe our software makes commodity risk management much more manageable, not only for procurement, but also for the treasury and finance departments.”

About KYOS

KYOS offers specialized advice on trading and risk management in commodity markets. Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modeling and advisory services in commodity markets. We developed our sophisticated solutions to support decision making, investment proposals and risk calculations. Our solutions are used amongst a broad customer base, including the major players in the commodity markets.

About Nexidus Commodities LLC

Nexidus Commodities provides commodity hedging, risk management, and analytical services to a large range of industries. Our mission is to provide clarity, direction, and strategy to better manage commodity price volatility that exists on an ongoing basis. We review our clients existing hedging strategies to identify gaps and improvements. Nexidus offers a full range of services including one-time consultations, analytics and reporting, risk management planning, as well as a fully outsourced hedging solution that executes on behalf of our client’s requirements and goals.

For more information please contact:

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Mr. Richard Cornielje
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Phone: +31 23 5510 221