Post event: solar finance and investment summit 2023

7 February 2023

Solar finance and investment summit, London 2023

solar finance and investment summit 2023Ewout Eijkelenboom was in London 1 & 2 Februari to present at the Solar finance and investment summit. There were some good discussions at the event about investments in solar energy, and how these are impacted by the high inflation. Various speakers gave market updates about European countries.

Risk management however remains key, especially since subsidies and feed-in tariffs are no longer offered. But how to best manage the market risks in these projects, to secure growth? This was the topic of Ewout’s presentation To see the slide deck he used:  Solar finance investment summit – presentation KYOS

More information on financial aspects of renewable power

Have a look at the E-Book that Cyriel de Jong wrote on “The financials of renewable power and PPA’s”. It provides more insight in the various methods, for example used in long-term or short-term forecasting, creating simulations and price forecasts. Highly recommended! When you sign up for our newsletter, you will get free access to this E-Book.

KYOS PPA valuation and consultancy

Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs often include complex pricing structures. For example, PPA’s typically consist of price floors, risk sharing elements and specific reconciliation mechanisms. In order to value your assets, you need a system that is able to capture all this. We know PPAs can be overwhelming, but we can help you with this!

The KYOS renewable risk management system allows the user to analyze the effect of applying different hedging strategies to lock-in value of your renewable project. Strategies range from basic static hedges to advanced stack and roll strategies. If your project is in a market with limited liquidity, our system will show you the effectiveness of proxy hedging the exposure in other markets, even using different commodities than electricity.

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