Symposium on Hedging in Energy Markets

Symposium on Risks in Integrated Energy Systems Dublin, Ireland – 6 March 2018 A┬ánice opportunity arose in Dublin, where The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) organized a symposium. This half-day seminar focused on the topic of “Risks in Integrated Energy Systems”. ESRI invited Cyriel de Jong to share his views on hedging in Energy… Read more »

Looking back on seminar “Managing Commodities Effectively”

KPMG, Rabobank, KYOS organized a well-attended seminar on managing commodities. The audience appreciated the integrated approach of the various disciplines.

A practical example of hedging gas swing contracts

This report shows how a trader could optimize his trading decisions in the gas spot market, while delta hedging the exposures in the forward market. The spot trades maximize the optionality of the contract, while the forward hedges limit the risk.

White paper: Benefits of outsourcing energy analytics

In the years 2000 energy companies built up large trading teams, with even larger teams for back office, middle office, portfolio management and risk management. Now that the times have changed, energy companies are forced to scale down rapidly. In this white paper publication, we describe how energy companies can reduce costs while improving their analytic capabilities and take better decisions.

Energy Risk: implications of carbon floor on power plant hedging

The UK carbon floor raises the cost of CO2 emissions by power producers and thereby increase power prices. The mechanism has important implications for the valuation of power stations. KYOS explains how the UK carbon floor impacts delta hedging of power stations.

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering: Gas storage review article

Various approaches have been suggested for the valuation of gas storage. Of those approaches, the most general ones are based on Monte Carlo price simulations. These approaches allow the evaluation of different market trading strategies and different assumptions about the underlying price process.