PPA Insights: Overview articles

Find here all articles published in our PPA Insights series about the financials of renewable power. Covers all aspects about power purchase agreements.

PPA Insights: Short-term forecasting and imbalance costs

KYOS PPA Insight on short-term forecasting and balancing in power markets. Concern is the imbalance costs of renewable generation assets due to the intermittent nature,.

PPA Insights: Renewable energy certificates

Read about renewable (green) energy certificates in the power market. Voluntary versus compliance markets and what are the price trends?

PPA Insights: Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts

The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts Author: Cyriel de Jong, KYOS Energy Analytics Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts Renewable energy investments have an economic lifetime of at least 15 years and hence investors seek for long-term PPA contracts to provide financial security. Both PPA buyer and seller have to form an opinion… Read more »

PPA Insights: Fundamental modelling of power markets

Fundamental power market modelling explained. Inc start costs, energy storage and many more important features of real-life power markets.

PPA Insights: Generation economics and the merit order

When negotiating a PPA, you want to know the future power price as the contract price is fixed. Let’s start with the merit order approach. 

PPA Insights: Creating a price forward curve

How to create a price forward curve for (renewable) power? We discuss four statistical methodologies, starting with market prices, going up in complexity.

PPA Insights: Creating simulations for wind and solar production

This article presents a methodology for wind and solar simulations based on sampling from historical data, inc how to generate stats as P50 and P90.

PPA Insights: Solar radiation and wind speed data

Article in our serie “The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts” which explains more about the impact of solar radiation and wind speed.

PPA Insights: Production patterns of wind and solar

Article about the production patterns of electricity generation from wind turbines and solar PV, and influencing factors on outage.