Gas Storage and Swing Report – quarterly update

Make the most of your gas storage! Read our quarterly update about storage and swing contracts and benchmark your own valuations.

Post webinar: gas storage

Find here the slides presented post-webinar of ‘gas storage in turbulent times’ by KYOS consultants Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom.

Smart scheme for filling Dutch gas storage

The Dutch government made a reservation of more than Euro 600 million to cover the costs of filling the 45TWh of gas storage Bergermeer. Now that the filling season is over, it appears that state finances will actually see a big plus thanks to advantageous market developments and the smart scheme that was put in place.

KYOS Gas models adjusted for negative gas prices

After negative oil prices, negative gas prices could become a reality in Europe. KYOS adapted all gas models to handle zero and negative prices

Presentation at Platts European Gas & LNG Summit

Read more about the presentation Cyriel de Jong gave at the Platts European Gas & LNG Summit 23 September 2019. He discussed the future of gas storage in Europe.

Flame 2019 Presentation

Read back the slides of the presentation Cyriel de Jong from KYOS gave at the Flame 2019 conference: Gas Storage Economics – Will volatility come back?

Assessment transport costs Dutch gas storages

Are the high gas transport costs hampering the business case for Dutch gas storages? The ACM asked KYOS to investigate this situation.

Are you aware that your analytical models may be biased?

Energy companies need to value and manage risks in their portfolios. To achieve this, advanced analytical models are key. Is your company using an in-house developed model? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the risk that your model may be biased?

Flame 2017 presentation Power of Storage

Flame 2017: Natural Gas and LNG Conference As last year, the city of Amsterdam hosted Flame 2017, which took place from 8-11 May 2017. Flame is one of Europe‚Äôs leading natural gas and LNG conferences. It is the largest annual meeting of this organization. Normally this event has a good attendance, and also this year… Read more »

Higher spot price volatility: improved outlook for gas storage value

In the last months the economic outlook for gas storage improved. The value of a gas storage depends largely on the volatility in the spot market, which increased substantially in the last months. When current market circumstances prolong, the outlook for gas storage improves significantly.