PPA Insights: Overview articles

Find here all articles published in our PPA Insights series about the financials of renewable power. Covers all aspects about power purchase agreements.

PPA Insights: Short-term forecasting and imbalance costs

KYOS PPA Insight on short-term forecasting and balancing in power markets. Concern is the imbalance costs of renewable generation assets due to the intermittent nature,.

PPA Insights: Renewable energy certificates

Read about renewable (green) energy certificates in the power market. Voluntary versus compliance markets and what are the price trends?

PPA Insights: Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts

The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts Author: Cyriel de Jong, KYOS Energy Analytics Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts Renewable energy investments have an economic lifetime of at least 15 years and hence investors seek for long-term PPA contracts to provide financial security. Both PPA buyer and seller have to form an opinion… Read more »

PPA Insights: Fundamental modelling of power markets

Fundamental power market modelling explained. Inc start costs, energy storage and many more important features of real-life power markets.

PPA Insights: Generation economics and the merit order

When negotiating a PPA, you want to know the future power price as the contract price is fixed. Let’s start with the merit order approach. 

PPA Insights: Creating a price forward curve

How to create a price forward curve for (renewable) power? We discuss four statistical methodologies, starting with market prices, going up in complexity.