Are you aware that your analytical models may be biased?

Energy companies need to value and manage risks in their portfolios. To achieve this, advanced analytical models are key. Is your company using an in-house developed model? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the risk that your model may be biased?

Cointegration between power and fuel prices stronger than ever

KYOS calculated that in the German market the speed of cointegration between power and fuel prices increased. This is contrary to the common belief that power prices become less dependent on fuel prices due to the renewables penetration.

Report: Multi billion euro loss for Dutch coal plants

With the help of KYOS’ fundamental market model. Spring Associates has calculated that the economic value of the two older Dutch coal plants equals €0.5 billion. The three new plants are valued at €3.2 billion, which is considerably lower than their respective construction costs.

Combine fundamentals & Monte Carlo for better decisions

KyPowerFundamentals combines power market fundamentals & Monte Carlo price simulations. The software offers a unique solution to take better strategic decisions in volatile energy market conditions.