Post event: Webinar real-time battery optimizer

In this webinar organized by KYOS and PowerBot, Ewout Eijkelenboom and Maximilian Kiessler talked about our new model, the new real-time battery optimizer.

PPA Insights: European solar and wind power prices

What are the current long-term solar and wind power prices? Find these prices every quarter in our PPA Insights report, where we assemble solar and on-shore wind power prices for most European countries.

Post webinar Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is going to play a key role in the energy transition. Cyriel de Jong and Elyas Kazmi discussed the best business cases for green hydrogen in a recently organized webinar.

Post event: wind finance summit 2023

Ewout Eijkelenboom was in London 19th and 20th September to present at the Wind Finance and Investment Summit, to talk about risk management in renewable power.

Post webinar new technologies

Cyriel de Jong discussed with Maarten Berkhout (SeaQurrent) and Walter Hueber (Kitepower) what they propose as possibilities to produce energy, and how these will fit in the renewable energy mix.

Post event: solar finance and investment summit 2023

At the Solar finance and investment summit 1-2 Feb 2023, Ewout presented his views on “Managing your Market Risks to Enable Future Growth’.

Post event: Wind finance and investment summit

Ewout Eijkelenboom was in London 6 & 7 December 2022 to present at the Wind finance and investment summit. The event was good for some interesting discussions on Europe’s route to net zero!

Post event Energy Trading Week 2022

KYOS was present at the Energy Trading Week 2022 in London. Cyriel de Jong presented on the risk management of renewable assets and asked a poll question: how should gas storage assets be operated?

Post webinar: Hedging in PPAs

Thank you for your interest in our webinar on hedging price exposures in renewable power and PPAs. How to best manage the price risks?

Post-webinar: Optimal value-stacking with batteries

In this webinar on optimal value-stacking with batteries, we discussed trading in short-term power markets, passive imbalance and FCR.