Webinar Energy storage valuation and optimization – follow up

Follow up: Webinar on Energy storage valuation and optimization Thank you for your interest in our webinar on energy storage. Energy storage, in the form of batteries or pumped hydro is becoming more attractive, due to the declining costs of especially li-ion batteries.  Please find here the slides of the session held 6 April 2021.  … Read more »

Are you aware that your analytical models may be biased?

Energy companies need to value and manage risks in their portfolios. To achieve this, advanced analytical models are key. Is your company using an in-house developed model? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the risk that your model may be biased?

Higher spot price volatility: improved outlook for gas storage value

In the last months the economic outlook for gas storage improved. The value of a gas storage depends largely on the volatility in the spot market, which increased substantially in the last months. When current market circumstances prolong, the outlook for gas storage improves significantly.