Use APIs for even better integration

14 February 2023

Use APIs to optimize your analytics

use of api with kyos modelsThe use of APIs (Application Programming Interface) is becoming more and more widespread to facilitate the interaction between various systems, applications, data and devices. Did you know that we have a capability of using API in our KYOS Analytical Platform? Another feature that makes your work easier!

Facilitate up- and downloads with APIs

First of all, APIs allow you to upload and download data into our platform. For example, you can use APIs to automatically retrieve the results from the various KYOS’ modules, and analyze them in your own system. KYOS calculations may run automatically overnight and the results sent have already been sent to other applications at the start of your next working day.

Or you can use the KYOS APIs to manage price data and forward price curves. This is on top of the existing functionality of sftp transfer to upload and download price data. Both methods allow you to easily interface between the the KYOS Analytical Platform and other systems.

Start valuations with API

The other application of APIs is quite different. Imagine that you have multiple scenarios which you would like the KYOS software to calculate. By using APIs it is possible to write a script that does the job automatically without having to change a single parameter every time. Integrate it in our Custom Analytics functionality to set up automated workflows. This will not only save you lots of time, but also minimizes the risk for mistakes.


By using APIs, you can have the various systems ‘talk’ with each other and make them work for you!

  • Easy integration between your own system and the KYOS Analytical Platform
  • For both up- and download of data
  • Start valuations of our KYOS modules and retrieve the results
  • Streamline your activities and save time

We can certainly help you or your IT department with any questions on integration you may have.

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