Webinar Energy storage valuation and optimization – follow up

8 April 2021

Follow up: Webinar on Energy storage valuation and optimization

KYOS webinar energy storage valuation and optimizationThank you for your interest in our webinar on energy storage. Energy storage, in the form of batteries or pumped hydro is becoming more attractive, due to the declining costs of especially li-ion batteries.

 Please find here the slides of the session held 6 April 2021.  

To view the slides of the presenters: Webinar KYOS Energy storage presentation


If you missed this webinar, but still would like to watch it, please let us know by sending your details to info@kyos.com.

KYOS software will make your operation become more profitable

As we explained in our webinar, energy storage solve imbalances – either in the system or in your portfolio. If you wish to value and optimize your storage, you need a model that gives you short term forecasting and simulations so you can balance your prices and volumes. Short term is e.g. every 15 minutes. This involves also an optimal trading strategy of the same timeframe. Least squares Monte Carlo is ideally suited to perform this task, as imbalance prices and volumes are often uncertain.

Of course we can help you with this. KYOS is the leading provider of analytical software and data services in European energy markets. We offer an unrivalled web-based software platform to value and optimize energy storages, and to manage a complete portfolio of renewable assets and contracts. KYOS is also the number 1 provider of hourly price forward curves for European power.

Contact us for a short demonstration: info@kyos.com