Webinar on Optimal value-stacking with batteries – Follow up

9 September 2021

follow up webinar value stacking with batteriesFollow up: Webinar on Optimal value-stacking with batteries

Thank you for your interest in our webinar on optimal value-stacking with batteries, presented by Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom.

As the energy transition progresses, the industry develops many new solar and wind parks. However, it is true that we cannot consume all energy at the moment that it is generated by these sources. Energy storage assets can absorb the surplus of solar and wind energy and balance the electricity system. But how to value energy storage assets, such as batteries? Subsequently, in what trading market can most money be made, and how does this combine with ancillary services revenue? Furthermore, what are the benefits of co-sharing the grid connection with a solar park?

Understanding the value and risks, and optimization in short term power markets, is key to gain an edge in a competitive market place.

Please find here the slides of the session held 7 September 2021.  

To view the slides of the presenters: Webinar KYOS Optimal value-stacking with batteries 7 Sept

FAQs to the questions asked in the webinar: FAQ Webinar value-stacking with batteries

If you missed this webinar, but still would like to watch it, please let us know by sending your details to info@kyos.com.

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