KYOS believes a sustainable world can only be realized when people, governments and also companies take responsibility and invest in those places where it is most needed.

At KYOS, a substantial part of the annual profit is used to support the following non-governmental organizations.

Stichting Heifer

KYOS made a long term commitment to support Stichting Heifer in their Malawi project.

Heifer supports local communities in development countries by giving animals and training, allowing people to escape from poverty. Animals are a source for healthy food, for instance by giving eggs and milk.This is especially important for the youngest members of families.

The part which is not consumed by the family, can be sold on the market.

Red een Kind

KYOS sponsors the work of Stichting “Red een Kind” 

Red a Kind (Help a Child) is a Dutch foundation initiated in 1968. Its aim is to give children growing up in poverty a better future. This way not only this child benefits, but also the family and the village.

A child is supported for seven years after which it should be able to sustain him or herself. In 2023, the foundation helped 830,259 individuals in Kenia, Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Zuid-Soedan, Ethiopië, Oeganda, Congo and India.

Oxfam Novib

oxfam novib

KYOS is member of the business ambassadors program of Oxfam Novib. 

Angelique van Wijk, loyalty manager Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network: “Oxfam Novib likes to work with businesses to defeat poverty and strive for equal opportunities for all. To be able to provide for yourself, where ever you are, is essential for building an independent existence. We highly appreciate Kyos for being a member of the network and making this possible.”