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Post event: Webinar real-time battery optimizer

20 June 2024
In this webinar organized by KYOS and PowerBot, Ewout Eijkelenboom and Maximilian Kiessler talked about our new model, the new real-time battery optimizer. Read more ›

Energy Storage Report

30 May 2024
Regularly we will publish an update in our energy storage report, where we give you an update about battery revenues for the European energy markets. We compare the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Read more ›

Charity update Kitui Red een Kind

28 May 2024
KYOS supports the charity 'Red een Kind (Help a child)' with a project in Kitui, Kenia. We just got an update on this project and we would like to share this with you. Red een Kind is founded on the believe that by creating a better future for children, directly and indirectly they help the whole community.  Read more ›

KYOS involved in study ULC-Energy about the costs of hydrogen production

22 May 2024
This study analyses the costs of hydrogen production by a Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) combined with Topsoe’s high temperature Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (SOEC) technology. Read more ›

KYOS advises GIGA Storage on majority shareholding acquisition by InfraVia

21 May 2024
Press Release KYOS advises GIGA Storage on the acquisition by InfraVia of a majority shareholding in GIGA Storage ... Read more ›

Post event: Green Hydrogen Summit 2024

30 April 2024
Post event: Green hydrogen summit 2024 Our colleague Luiscarlos Torres Sánchez presented at... Read more ›

Post event: Commodity Trading Week 2024

30 April 2024
Commodity Trading Week London, April 2024 Richard Cornielje spoke 23 April at... Read more ›

Commodity prices: Insight in Risks

29 April 2024
Commodity prices all experience fluctuations, but how high is this volatilty? And what is the impact on your cash flow? KYOS will regularly look into this. Read more ›

Gas Storage and Swing Report - quarterly update

9 April 2024
Make the most of your gas storage! Read our quarterly update about storage and swing contracts and benchmark your own valuations. Read more ›

Report Market price risk regulated renewable assets Spain

12 March 2024
KYOS will provide regular updates for the Spanish renewable power market, in particular on price risk assessment for regulated renewable energy assets. Read more ›

PPA Insights: European solar and wind power prices

12 February 2024
What are the current long-term solar and wind power prices? Find these prices every quarter in our PPA Insights report, where we assemble solar and on-shore wind power prices for most European countries. Read more ›

Post-event: Solar finance and investment summit

6 February 2024
Our colleague Ewout Eijkelenboom presented last week at the Solar Finance and Investment Europe 2024 conference, which took place in London, 31 January - 1 February 2024. Read more ›

Inspiratia Awards 2023

21 December 2023
KYOS is very proud to have won the prize for 'Best Software Provider' at the Inspiratia Europe Energy Transition Awards 2023! Read more ›

Insights on European energy markets

7 December 2023
Read our update on the European energy markets. See what happened on the energy markets and where the prices are heading.  Read more ›


17 November 2023
KYOS announces the launch of MPX, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) and the first ETRM client. Read more ›

Post webinar Green Hydrogen

6 November 2023
Green hydrogen is going to play a key role in the energy transition. Cyriel de Jong and Elyas Kazmi discussed the best business cases for green hydrogen in a recently organized webinar. Read more ›

Post-event: Energy Trading Week 2023

3 October 2023
Cyriel de Jong presented at Energy Trading Week 2023 and spoke in the Net Zero stream about ‘Best battery business cases’. Read more ›

Post event: Energy storage summit CEE

2 October 2023
Ewout Eijkelenboom spoke at the Energy Storage summit Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), that was held 26 and 27 September 2023 in Warsaw. His presentation about 'Forecasting battery revenues, an analytical approach' was well received by the audience.  Read more ›

Post event: wind finance summit 2023

2 October 2023
Ewout Eijkelenboom was in London 19th and 20th September to present at the Wind Finance and Investment Summit, to talk about risk management in renewable power. Read more ›

Post webinar new technologies

11 July 2023
Cyriel de Jong discussed with Maarten Berkhout (SeaQurrent) and Walter Hueber (Kitepower) what they propose as possibilities to produce energy, and how these will fit in the renewable energy mix. Read more ›

Post event: Power price forecasting forum 2023

27 June 2023
Andras Kiss and Manuel Sanchez were in Milan on June 5 and 6 to present at the Power price forecasting forum 2023. Read more ›

Post event: Financing renewable assets summit - Madrid

15 June 2023
Ewout Eijkelenboom was in Madrid on June 7th to present at the Financing European Renewables Summit on risk management. Read more ›

Post event: Commodity Trading Week London 2023

2 May 2023
KYOS was present at Commodity Trading Week 2023, where we spoke about advanced risk management at all times. What is the impact of current market prices on your daily business? Read more ›

Post event: webinar market update Spain

20 April 2023
In the webinar of 18 April 2023, we discussed the recent changes in the subsidy scheme for Spain, and what these price risks mean for your renewable asset. Read more ›

DycoTrade customer event 2023

18 April 2023
DycoTrade organized a customer event on 4 April 2023 at which Richard Cornielje presented at one of the break-out sessions. Read more ›

Charity update: Red een kind (save a child)

18 April 2023
With part of our profits we support charities. Read an update of the charity 'Red een Kind' (Save a child) on a project in Malawi, Africa. Read more ›

Post webinar: optimal value-stacking with batteries March 2023

16 March 2023
See the slides of the webinar that Ewout Eijkelenboom and Cyriel de Jong gave 14 March 2023, about 'Optimal value-stacking with batteries'. Read more ›

Use APIs for even better integration

14 February 2023
Did you know that we have a capability of using API in our KYOS Analytical Platform? Another feature that makes your work easier! Read more ›

Post event: solar finance and investment summit 2023

7 February 2023
At the Solar finance and investment summit 1-2 Feb 2023, Ewout presented his views on "Managing your Market Risks to Enable Future Growth'. Read more ›

Charity support to Free Press Unlimited

24 January 2023
We support a few different charities each year. In 2022, we opted additionally for Free Press Unlimited. In this article, read more about the valuable work they do. Read more ›

Post event: Wind finance and investment summit

15 December 2022
Ewout Eijkelenboom was in London 6 & 7 December 2022 to present at the Wind finance and investment summit. The event was good for some interesting discussions on Europe's route to net zero! Read more ›

Post webinar: gas storage

1 December 2022
Find here the slides presented post-webinar of 'gas storage in turbulent times' by KYOS consultants Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom. Read more ›

Book Practical Derivatives

24 November 2022
KYOS... Read more ›

Post event Subsidy free and renewables summit

6 October 2022
Subsidy-free and renewables summit, London 2022 Ewout Eijkelenboom was... Read more ›

Post event Energy Trading Week 2022

6 October 2022
KYOS was present at the Energy Trading Week 2022 in London. Cyriel de Jong presented on the risk management of renewable assets and asked a poll question: how should gas storage assets be operated? Read more ›

Post webinar: Hedging in PPAs

22 September 2022
Thank you for your interest in our webinar on hedging price exposures in renewable power and PPAs. How to best manage the price risks? Read more ›

Gold EcoVadis sustainability rating

12 July 2022
KYOS proudly announces it has been awarded a golden EcoVadis sustainability rating. EcoVadis is regarded as the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Read more ›

Post-event: Power price forecasting summit Barcelona

12 July 2022
Cyriel de Jong spoke about 'Risk management of Renewable Assets' at the Power price forecasting summit in Barcelona, 9-10 June 2022. Read more ›

Post-event: Commodity Trading Week London

12 May 2022
Commodity Trading Week London, April 2022 Richard Cornielje spoke 27 April at... Read more ›

Post-webinar: Optimal value-stacking with batteries

7 April 2022
In this webinar on optimal value-stacking with batteries, we discussed trading in short-term power markets, passive imbalance and FCR. Read more ›

Post-event: Solar Finance and Invest 2022

17 March 2022
Ewout Eijkelenboom spoke last week at Solar... Read more ›

Post webinar: advanced risk management

17 February 2022
Craig Haymakers, HedgeStar, Ben van der Laan, DycoTrade and Richard Cornielje, KYOS joined forces, and talked about commodity trading in this webinar. Read more ›

ISO 27001 Certification

10 February 2022
KYOS is proud to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified. ISO is the prestigious standard that describes best practices for information security and management systems. Read more ›

Post-webinar: Hedging long-term price exposures

1 February 2022
Post-Webinar: Hedging long-term price exposures in renewable power projects and PPAs ... Read more ›

GTreasury and KYOS announce partnership

23 December 2021
GTreasury, a treasury management platform provider, and KYOS, announced today their partnership to offer KYOS’ advanced commodity risk management solution as an addition to GTreasury’s platform. Read more ›

Post-webinar: Heat Storage

30 November 2021
In this webinar on heat storage, Cyriel de Jong & Ewout Eijkelenboom from KYOS look at the viability of this as an alternative energy source. Read more ›

Post-event Platts 2021 European Gas and LNG conference

25 November 2021
This week the 15th Platts European Gas & LNG conference took... Read more ›

Webinar on Optimal value-stacking with batteries - Follow up

9 September 2021
Find here the slides presented at the webinar on optimal value-stacking with batteries by Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom from KYOS. Read more ›

Webinar Advanced risk management - follow up

1 July 2021
Follow up of webinar organized by DycoTrade and KYOS on advanced risk management and the role of data, on 29 June 2021. Read more ›

HedgeStar to become official distributor of KYOS Risk Management software

3 June 2021
HedgeStar and KYOS announce a collaboration allowing HedgeStar to become the official distributor of KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management (PRM) software in North America. Read more ›

Interview European power market magazine

27 May 2021
European power market magazine featured an interview with our own Cyriel de Jong in their May 2021 edition. Read more ›

Webinar on Hedging price risks in renewable energy - Follow up

11 May 2021
Find here the slides presented at the webinar on hedging price risks of renewable energy, by Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom from KYOS. Read more ›

Charity update Heifer: Rwanda dairy project

15 April 2021
Rwanda dairy project Every year we donate part of our profits to charity. Since 2011 we support the work of Heifer. This... Read more ›

Webinar Energy storage valuation and optimization - follow up

8 April 2021
Follow up: Webinar on Energy storage valuation and optimization Thank... Read more ›

Webinar Risk management in renewable PPAs - Follow up

16 February 2021
Follow up: Webinar on Risk Management in renewable PPAs Risk... Read more ›

Webinar: Trading in the Japanese market - follow up

1 February 2021
Find here the presentation deck that was used at KYOS webinar "Trading in the Japanese market", 27 January 2021. Read more ›

Japan update: Wake up call to invest in financial risk management

7 January 2021
The soaring prices on Japanese wholesale market have created a shock to the Japanese power system. Wake-up call for risk management! Read more ›

ACM Report: Grid losses gas distribution network 2021

22 December 2020
For ACM, we made a report about grid losses for gas distribution network, incl costs associated to buy on TTF, and compensation for 2021. Read more ›

Webinar: Accumulators in commodity contracts - follow up

23 November 2020
Cyriel de Jong and Floris Hendriks from KYOS explained the workings of accumulators in commodity contracts in great detail. Link to slide deck. Read more ›

Charity update Heifer: Tafiki farmers

9 November 2020
Charity update KYOS - Read here about a Heifer project we chose: solar panels for the Tafiki farmer group in Malawi. Read more ›

Webinar LNG pricing and structures - follow up

5 November 2020
The KYOS webinar on LNG pricing and structures that we organized 3 November 2020 was a great success. Find here the slide deck. Read more ›

Flame 2020 Presentation

15 October 2020
Flame 2020 was held entirely on-line this year. Cyriel de Jong from KYOS spoke about Pricing structures in LNG, view his presentation deck. Read more ›

Webinar Japanese power market follow up

6 October 2020
日本の電力先物取引市場と価格変動リスクに関するウェビナーのご案内 (English below) おかげ様で、10月6日にEEX と KYOS で共催いたしましたウェビナーは盛況に終えることができました。本ウェビナーのトピックは日本における電力先物取引市場と価格変動リスクのマネージメントについて行われました。 こちらのリンクからスライドをダウンロードいただけます。 KYOS EEX ウェビナー 日本の電力先物取引市場とリスクマネージメント ご訪問ありがとうございます。ご質問やソフトデモのご希望等ございましたら Read more ›

Custom analytics: APIs

8 September 2020
Now it's possbile to use APIs with KYOS modules to facilitate up-and dowload with your own system. Streamline your workflow and save time! Read more ›

EEX KYOS Webinar: Managing long-term price risks in PPAs

1 July 2020
Find here the slides that were presented at the webinar organized jointly by EEX and KYOS: Managing long-term price risks in PPAs, held 30 June 2020. Read more ›

KYOS Gas models adjusted for negative gas prices

11 June 2020
After negative oil prices, negative gas prices could become a reality in Europe. KYOS adapted all gas models to handle zero and negative prices Read more ›

Integrate your own code and models in the KYOS system with Python

9 March 2020
In our experience, there is no such thing as 'standard' - all our customers are unique and so are their requests.  Therefore we have developed something new: integrate your own code and models in the KYOS system, using Python. Read more ›

Chosen charity for 2019: Heifer - Solar panels for Tafika

2 March 2020
Each year, we donate a substantial part of the annual profit to charity. In 2019, we chose a project of Heifer in Malawi to replace solar panels. Read more ›

Carbon Footprint - CO2 Compensation 2019

27 February 2020
At KYOS we also strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. In 2019 we compensated our CO2 emissions with Fairtrade Carbon Credits. Read more ›

E-World Energy & Water 2020 highlights

24 February 2020
[caption id="attachment_6942" align="alignleft" width="497"] From left to right: Cyriel de Jong, Ewout Eijkelenboom,... Read more ›

ACM Report: Compensation grid losses gas distribution network

3 December 2019
Regional gas transport networks: compensation costs The Dutch regulator ACM (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) requested a report... Read more ›

Nexidus Commodities official distributor in North America

10 October 2019
Nexidus Commodities and KYOS announced today a collaboration allowing Nexidus Commodities to become the official distributor of KYOS Commodity Portfolio and Risk Management (PRM) software in North America. Read more ›

NEVI Procurement Day 2019

8 October 2019
The NEVI Procurement Day is the yearly event that the Dutch association for Procurement professionals, NEVI is organizing. This year it took place on 1... Read more ›

Presentation at Platts European Gas & LNG Summit

30 September 2019
Read more about the presentation Cyriel de Jong gave at the Platts European Gas & LNG Summit 23 September 2019. He discussed the future of gas storage in Europe. Read more ›

Article Treasury Today: Commodity exposure hedging

20 August 2019
Richard Cornielje from KYOS, spoke with Treasury Today Group about understanding the importance and diifficulties of commodity exposure hedging. Read more ›

InterGen decided to use our KYOS KyPlant software model

9 August 2019
We are very proud to announce that InterGen decided to use KYOS Analytical Platform to optimize their power assets in the United Kingdom. Read more ›

New - use Python to capture your specific requirements

8 July 2019
Create your own functionalities with the free open source code Python. Integrate your own specific algorithms into the models of the KYOS Analytical Platform . Read more ›

Flame 2019 Presentation

21 May 2019
Read back the slides of the presentation Cyriel de Jong from KYOS gave at the Flame 2019 conference: Gas Storage Economics - Will volatility come back? Read more ›

CO2 Conference Workshop KYOS and Cargill

28 March 2019
Prices of EUA have doubled - what are the risks? Find here the presentation of KYOS and Cargill given at the CO2 Conference 2019. Read more ›

Chosen charity for 2018: Helen Keller International

14 February 2019
Each year, we donate a substantial part of the annual profit to charity. In 2018, we chose Helen Keller International, dedicated to combatting vision loss. Read more ›

Looking back on DACT Treasury Fair 2018

22 November 2018
Effective risk management for multi-commodity exposures Better cash-flow forecasts and lower risks ... Read more ›

Carbon Footprint - CO2 Compensation 2018

20 November 2018
Carbon footprint at KYOS When you work in the energy industry, the mantra... Read more ›

Platts Gas and LNG Summit 2018

26 October 2018
Ewout Eijkelenboom from KYOS discussed the future of Gas Storages at the Platts 12th Annual Gas and LNG Summit, held in London 17-18 October 2018 Read more ›

Workshop on renewable energy in Poland

12 October 2018
The Swiss-based company Pexapark invited KYOS to their PPA Academy in Warsaw 5-6 October 2018 on the upcoming renewable energy auctions in Poland. Read more ›

2008-2018 10-year Anniversary

25 September 2018
We are 10 years in business and we would like to celebrate this with you! Sign up to get a year-long access to our KyPF Power Fundamental model - create your own long-term power price scenarios. Read more ›

European Power Summit 2018

20 September 2018
The question "Will investments in energy storage pay off?" is not easily answered as there are many factors to consider. Have a look at Cyriel's presentation at the European Power Summit 2018. However, one thing is clear, a good power price forecasting model is essential. Read more ›

Actual Power Plant Valuations in Europe - monthly update

3 July 2018
Overview of actual Power Plant Valuations Every month KYOS publishes a short... Read more ›

Flame 2018 presentation on Economics of gas storage

17 May 2018
Amsterdam was again the host for Flame 2018. This year's conference attracted a... Read more ›

Symposium on Hedging in Energy Markets

8 March 2018
Symposium on Risks in Integrated Energy Systems Dublin, Ireland - 6 March 2018 A nice opportunity arose... Read more ›

E-World 2018 Impression

13 February 2018
From 6-8 February 2018 we were present at the E-World, the yearly trade show in Essen, Germany. We are very happy that many of you found their way to our stand in Hall 3, 163. Read more ›

Are you aware that your analytical models may be biased?

16 October 2017
Energy companies need to value and manage risks in their portfolios. To achieve this, advanced analytical models are key. Is your company using an in-house developed model? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the risk that your model may be biased? Read more ›

Ewout Eijkelenboom joins KYOS as International Sales Manager

5 September 2017
New International Sales Manager at KYOS Recently Ewout Eijkelenboom joined... Read more ›

Bloomberg quoted KYOS: Blackstone reviving Dutch plant

10 July 2017
Bloomberg quoted KYOS' Cyriel de Jong in their article about... Read more ›

Looking back on seminar "Managing Commodities Effectively"

29 June 2017
KPMG, Rabobank, KYOS organized a well-attended seminar on managing commodities. The audience appreciated the integrated approach of the various disciplines. Read more ›

Closing of Coal-fired plants expensive and counterproductive

23 May 2017
Emission rights and the impact on global warming According to the climate conscious backbone of Dutch political parties VVD, GroenLinks, D66 and CDA – parties that... Read more ›

Flame 2017 presentation Power of Storage

11 May 2017
Flame 2017: Natural Gas and LNG Conference As last year, the city... Read more ›

Presentation Energy Portfolio Optimization - Düsseldorf

11 April 2017
Energy Portfolio Optimization & Electricity Price Forecasting Forum - Düsseldorf This conference on Energy Portfolio Optimization and Electricity Price forecasting was held in Düsseldorf, Germany on... Read more ›

Hedging and Portfolio Optimization Summit Presentation KYOS

27 February 2017
Presentation KYOS on Evaluation of dynamic hedging strategies at Annual Intelligent Hedging and Portfolio Optimization Summit, Amsterdam 2017. Read more ›

Enterprise Risk Management needs to be developed in utility companies

10 November 2016
Two articles on Enterprise Risk Management from Energy Risk describing how ERM needs to be developed in the energy sector. Read more ›

KYOS' Presentation E-Mart 2017: How can conventional generation survive?

7 November 2016
At Emart 2017, Cyriel de Jong from KYOS held a presentation in the session on Power Price Drivers: “How can conventional generation survive in Europe?” He showed how fundamental models help to forecast future power prices and power plant profitability. Read more ›

EU legislation will boost financial trading in sugar

13 October 2016
As a result of new EU legislation, the minimum sugar price will disappear. This means that floating contracts will replace traditional fixed price contracts. Read more ›

Higher spot price volatility: improved outlook for gas storage value

22 September 2016
In the last months the economic outlook for gas storage improved. The value of a gas storage depends largely on the volatility in the spot market, which increased substantially in the last months. When current market circumstances prolong, the outlook for gas storage improves significantly. Read more ›

Report: Multi billion euro loss for Dutch coal plants

5 September 2016
With the help of KYOS' fundamental market model. Spring Associates has calculated that the economic value of the two older Dutch coal plants equals €0.5 billion. The three new plants are valued at €3.2 billion, which is considerably lower than their respective construction costs. Read more ›

Live price curves for contract pricing and dispatch optimization

29 August 2016
It has become increasingly important to have immediate access to live market prices. For several applications within energy trading and pricing, it may be good enough to use end-of-day market prices, but live price curves are especially critical for pricing of contracts and power plant dispatch optimization. Read more ›

A practical example of hedging gas swing contracts

11 August 2016
This report shows how a trader could optimize his trading decisions in the gas spot market, while delta hedging the exposures in the forward market. The spot trades maximize the optionality of the contract, while the forward hedges limit the risk. Read more ›

The Brexit may lead to 10% higher GB power prices

21 June 2016
Now that the British population has voted for a Brexit, the consequences for the British electricity sector are misty. Using its fundamental analysis model, a KYOS market study indicates a rise of 9.5% in wholesale GB power prices. Read more ›

Combine fundamentals & Monte Carlo for better decisions

13 June 2016
KyPowerFundamentals combines power market fundamentals & Monte Carlo price simulations. The software offers a unique solution to take better strategic decisions in volatile energy market conditions. Read more ›

Improved shape TTF forward curve on pricecurves service

18 March 2016
KYOS is happy to announce it improved the shaping of the TTF forward curve. The TTF forward curve is made available on Read more ›

MRI and KYOS launch power price forward curves in Japan

8 December 2015
The strategic partnership between KYOS and and Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. led to a new service for Japan’s electricity market. The service makes an electricity price forward curve available, which will serve as a benchmark for Japanese market players. Read more ›

Risk Management with AtRisk- now in KYOS Analytics

6 May 2015
New KYOS Analytical Platform for energy market players: improved risk management function, supporting both Value-at-Risk and Earnings/Cashflow-at-Risk. Read more ›

The fair value of the Bergermeer gas storage SBU

22 April 2015
What is a fair value of a gas storage facility? Case Study of Bergermeer facility, performed with KyStore. Read more ›

NEW: Price curves CEE region

10 April 2015
New from KYOS: hourly price forward curves for CEE Region. Via the dedicated website detailed price curves can be downloaded for Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian power. Read more ›

GasTerra storage 2014 valuation

18 February 2014
GasTerra Storage offers virtual gas storage capacities... Read more ›

GasTerra storage value 2013

30 June 2013
KyStore software valuates GasTerra virtual gas storage capacities for second auction 2013/2014 capacity. Standard Bundled Unit (SBU) is estimated to be €2.83 (assuming 0% interest costs). This is 1.17 lower than estimated in November, and even 5.00 € lower than February last year. Read more ›

Gazprom Storage 2014

18 February 2013
In 2014, we made a valuation of Gazprom storage - the virtual VHP-NCG storage offering. Gazprom is Russia's largest natural gas exporter. With our gas... Read more ›

GasTerra virtual gas storage value 2013/2014

22 November 2012
GasTerra Storage offer virtual gas storage in the Netherlands.... Read more ›


Smart scheme for filling Dutch gas storage

3 November 2022
The Dutch government made a reservation of more than Euro 600 million to cover the costs of filling the 45TWh of gas storage Bergermeer. Now that the filling season is over, it appears that state finances will actually see a big plus thanks to advantageous market developments and the smart scheme that was put in place. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Overview articles

11 February 2021
Find here all articles published in our PPA Insights series about the financials of renewable power. Covers all aspects about power purchase agreements. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Short-term forecasting and imbalance costs

4 February 2021
KYOS PPA Insight on short-term forecasting and balancing in power markets. Concern is the imbalance costs of renewable generation assets due to the intermittent nature,. Read more ›

Japan will benefit from forward power trading

26 January 2021
Spot power prices in Japan have been extremely high for almost 4 weeks. We explain the importance of forward trading and risk management in this article. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Renewable energy certificates

26 October 2020
Read about renewable (green) energy certificates in the power market. Voluntary versus compliance markets and what are the price trends? Read more ›

PPA Insights: Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts

24 August 2020
The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts Author: Cyriel de Jong, KYOS Energy Analytics Valuing long-term investments and PPA contracts ... Read more ›

PPA Insights: Fundamental modelling of power markets

17 August 2020
Fundamental power market modelling explained. Inc start costs, energy storage and many more important features of real-life power markets. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Generation economics and the merit order

25 June 2020
When negotiating a PPA, you want to know the future power price as the contract price is fixed. Let's start with the merit order approach.  Read more ›

PPA Insights: Creating a price forward curve

23 June 2020
How to create a price forward curve for (renewable) power? We discuss four statistical methodologies, starting with market prices, going up in complexity. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Creating simulations for wind and solar production

16 June 2020
This article presents a methodology for wind and solar simulations based on sampling from historical data, inc how to generate stats as P50 and P90. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Solar radiation and wind speed data

2 June 2020
Article in our serie "The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts" which explains more about the impact of solar radiation and wind speed. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Production patterns of wind and solar

11 May 2020
Article about the production patterns of electricity generation from wind turbines and solar PV, and influencing factors on outage. Read more ›

PPA Insights: Renewable contract structures and valuation

23 April 2020
Author: Cyriel de Jong, KYOS Energy Analytics PPA contract structures and valuation The financials of renewable... Read more ›

Optimal hedging of a gas supply portfolio – lessons from a warm winter

14 April 2020
Many gas companies saw a loss in 2020 due to a warm winter and low prices. What would have been the optimal hedging? We explore different strategies. Read more ›

PPA Insights: The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts

2 April 2020
This article is the first in a series about the financials of renewable power and PPAs(Power Purchase Agreements). We will cover all aspects involved in a financial analysis of renewable electricity, such as solar and wind power. Read more ›

LNG: Room for one extra regas terminal in Northwest Europe

12 March 2020
LNG imports into Northwest Europe sharply increased since the fourth quarter of 2018. How much room is there for LNG regas terminals in Northwest Europe? Read more ›

Changes to mean-reversion rate model

8 October 2019
TTF gas spot prices recently showed a lot of movement. To better reflect these swings, we slightly changed the mean-reversion rate model. Read more ›

Assessment transport costs Dutch gas storages

7 November 2017
Are the high gas transport costs hampering the business case for Dutch gas storages? The ACM asked KYOS to investigate this situation. Read more ›

Cointegration between power and fuel prices stronger than ever

3 October 2016
KYOS calculated that in the German market the speed of cointegration between power and fuel prices increased. This is contrary to the common belief that power prices become less dependent on fuel prices due to the renewables penetration. Read more ›

White paper: Benefits of outsourcing energy analytics

30 June 2016
In the years 2000 energy companies built up large trading teams, with even larger teams for back office, middle office, portfolio management and risk management. Now that the times have changed, energy companies are forced to scale down rapidly. In this white paper publication, we describe how energy companies can reduce costs while improving their analytic capabilities and take better decisions. Read more ›

Energy Risk: implications of carbon floor on power plant hedging

20 May 2016
The UK carbon floor raises the cost of CO2 emissions by power producers and thereby increase power prices. The mechanism has important implications for the valuation of power stations. KYOS explains how the UK carbon floor impacts delta hedging of power stations. Read more ›

KYOS chapter in best-selling energy risk book by V. Kaminski: gas storage pricing and hedging

23 December 2015
Cyriel de Jong has completely rewritten his chapter on gas storage pricing and hedging, which provides an excellent description of the best-practice trading and valuation strategies for gas storage. Read more ›

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering: Gas storage review article

18 May 2015
Various approaches have been suggested for the valuation of gas storage. Of those approaches, the most general ones are based on Monte Carlo price simulations. These approaches allow the evaluation of different market trading strategies and different assumptions about the underlying price process. Read more ›

KYOS report: Use renewable production information for a green price forward curve

19 March 2014
In this report we study the effect of renewable power production on the intra-day shapes in Germany. The analysis shows that green production is an important component. Furthermore, the report shows that the sensitivity to renewables varies per hour and weekday. Read more ›

White paper: How to effectively hedge the value of a power station

29 December 2013
Operators of power stations try to maximize the income from their assets. Power plant valuation models aim to predict the total value that can be made in a future time period. With delta hedging, this value can partly be locked. Read more ›

ET: How renewables shape the future in Germany

29 June 2013
In 2012, the German capacity of solar energy passed the 32 GW mark. Together with the growth in wind power generation, this has depressed market prices. In this article, we take a detailed look at how this is further going to shape future price levels Read more ›

White paper: Guidelines for valuation of real options in energy markets

29 May 2013
To improve power plant hedging decisions, a range of methodologies is available for forward curve building, Monte Carlo simulation, (stochastic) dynamic programming, and least-squares Monte Carlo. This document describes the main methodologies and provides a few tests for their quality, particularly focusing on power plants. Read more ›

Report: active trading strategy to realize value with a gas storage in a difficult market

20 September 2012
The years 2010 and 2011 have been a challenging period for many storage operators. The authors of the following article, Marcus Nossman, Cyriel de... Read more ›

Journal of Risk: Non-parametric Value-at-Risk forecasts

29 July 2012
This paper proposes a new model for computing Value-at-Risk forecasts. It incorporates information about the market’s perceived uncertainty about the future from volatility indices. Read more ›

Energy Risk: Comparing power plant delta hedging strategies

29 June 2012
A comparison of common delta-hedging strategies and calculations finds that simple formulas used to calculate delta hedges can lead to severe biases. This article presents a relatively fast, but more accurate calculation approach. It is based on a combination of Monte Carlo price simulations and dispatch optimization, using dynamic programming. Read more ›

Journal of Energy Markets: Gas storage valuation using a multi-factor price process

29 January 2012
In this paper we demonstrate the application of multi-factor Least-Squares Monte Carlo to gas storage valuation. We study the impact of using multi-factor price processes on different aspects of the valuation such as convergence, average storage value and distribution of storage values in a numerical example. Read more ›

Practical Derivatives: KYOS consultants write chapter about Energy Derivatives

13 December 2010
This new second edition shows how derivatives are used in a variety of transactions, how the documentation works and why boards need to be aware of them. KYOS director Cyriel de Jong wrote the chapter on Energy Derivatives. Read more ›

World Power: The value of starting up a power plant

29 June 2010
In this article we demonstrate the impact of various start-stop constraints and costs for the value of a power station. This impact analysis is possible by applying advanced techniques for generating realistic Monte Carlo price simulations in combination with techniques for optimizing the production pattern. Read more ›

Journal of Energy Markets: Cointegration between gas and power spot prices

6 March 2010
In this paper we show how cointegration can be applied to capture the joint dynamic of multiple energy spot prices. Our analysis shows that gas prices are strongly cointegrated, whereas cointegration of gas and power prices is at long-term forward price levels only. Read more ›

Journal of Derivatives: Gas storage valuation using a Monte Carlo method

19 August 2009
In this article, we develop a method for gas storage valuation using Monte Carlo (LSMC) techniques. The method incorporates realistic gas price dynamics and complex physical constraints. Specifically, we extend the Least Squares Monte Carlo method for American options to storage valuation. Read more ›

World Power: Realistic power plant valuations with cointegration

29 June 2009
Traditional net present value (NPV) analysis disregards the flexibility to adjust production decisions to market developments, and thus underestimate true plant value. On the other hand, methods treating power plants as a series of spread options ignore technical and contractual restrictions, and thus overestimate true plant value. In this article we demonstrate the use of cointegration to incorporate market fundamentals and calculate dynamic, yet reasonable, spread levels and power plant values. Read more ›

World Power: uncertainties in wind production often priced at too low levels

29 December 2008
This article describes the pricing and hedging of wind power contracts. It demonstrates that substantial discounts relative to baseload power prices are reasonable to cover the negative wind-price correlation and to cover the difficulty of hedging price risks. Read more ›

Commodities Now: Negative prices in electricity markets

20 July 2004
Commodities Now Publication about negative power prices by Cyriel de Jong (2003). Negative prices in electricity markets logo In this paper we describe how liberalisation has lead... Read more ›

Energy Power Risk Management Journal: to Store or not to Store?

1 October 2003
This article by Cyriel de Jong and Kasper Walet describes the optimal operation and valuation of natural gas storage based on a real option methodology. Read more ›

Energy Power Risk Management: Gas hubs jockey for position

19 May 2003
According to a survey of European natural gas experts, the Bunde-Oude gas hub is the most likely candidate to become the Henry Hub of Europe. Read more ›

Energy Power Risk Management: Option pricing for power prices with spikes

4 February 2003
Cyriel de Jong and Ronald Huisman have written the following article about the topic... Read more ›

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