Optimization and valuation

KYOS offers fast and accurate solutions for optimization and valuation in the energy industry. For example, we can value flexible assets and contracts in energy markets. We have dedicated solutions for power plants, gas storage facilities and swing contracts, as well as different energy market options.

Energy storage

KyBattery supports all types of energy storage assets, including pumped hydropower, battery, hydrogen, compressed air energy (CAES) and heat. All of them play an increasingly important role to support balancing the electricity system. Use KyBattery to calculate the fair value of an energy storage.

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Green hydrogen solution

KYOS KyH2 helps owners and developers of (green) hydrogen projects in assessing the income stream of their plant or project. Use this for internal valuation, identify the best hydrogen opportunities, for structuring and sizing projects, risk evaluation and reporting.

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Power plant

KyPlant software determines the value of a (portfolio of) power plants by quickly calculating the optimal dispatch. The real options-based model combines actual plant behaviour with realistic price simulations.

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Gas storage

KyStore supports traders and portfolio managers in natural gas markets. It raises revenues from gas storage trading operations, provides accurate valuations and reduces risk with adequate hedge recommendations.

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Swing contract

KySwing helps to generate most income from gas contracts by optimizing the contract flexibility. The risk on future income is reduced by forward hedging.

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Energy options

KyOption prices a wide variety of options used in the energy markets. Next to the value, KyOption also calculates the exposures of the options. Being fully integrated in the KYOS Analytical Platform, KyOption gives traders and optimizers a power full and easy to use tool to price and manage options.

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