Price simulations and analytics

Market prices are at the basis of almost any function within energy and commodity management. The KYOS Platform offers various price simulations and can easily interface with data providers, storing all the data in a central price database. Furthermore, there is a range of standard functions for analyzing the data visually, and to export prices to Excel. The Platform also contains functions to analyze price spreads and calculate volatilities and correlations. There are four more advanced price analytical models available in the Platform:

  • KyCurve generates market price forward curves based on settlement data, especially for power and gas
  • KyLiveCurve generates market price forward curves based on live market data
  • KyPF generates power price forecasts based on fundamental scenarios of power markets
  • KySim generates Monte Carlo forward and spot simulations for any commodity and FX rate

End-of-Day market price forward curves

KyCurve constructs monthly, daily and hourly price forward curves. The curves match with all the relevant price quotations in the market, while following seasonal, daily and hourly historical shapes.

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Power market fundamentals

KyPowerFundamentals (KyPF) generates hourly price forecasts and simulations for one or more power markets. KyPF goes far beyond a simple merit order or cost minimization model.

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Monte Carlo price simulations

KySim generates Monte Carlo price simulations, relying on a hybrid approach of statistics and fundamentals.

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Live market price forward curves

KyLiveCurve enables trading, structuring and risk management to construct price forward curves based on live market data.

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