Natural gas

Natural gas portfolio management is about managing price and volume risks. KYOS helps to optimize a portfolio with natural gas storage and swing contracts. Trade in the markets to maximize the flexibility value and minimize risks!

Natural gas traders

Gas traders need price forecasting tools to identify market opportunities. KYOS analytics provides the full support to manage prices and contracts. It also offers advanced forecasting tools of gas prices, price simulations and gas storage flows.

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Natural gas suppliers and utilities

Gas suppliers and utilities have to manage a wide variety of contracts, with suppliers and customers. Their sourcing portfolio must have the right level of volume flexibility to deal with unexpected volume variations.

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Natural gas storage operators

Owners of gas storage capacities need to fully understand how market participants value a storage product. That allows them to offer the best storage products at a competitive price. KyStore is the industry standard application for this purpose.

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Natural gas consumers

With KYOS Analytics our clients compare different gas contract structures, purchasing strategies and hedge (trading) decisions. In addition, the KYOS portfolio management system (CTRM) is there for the daily financial management of the gas portfolio.

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