Valuation & Risk management for renewables

User our complete suite of PPA valuation and risk management software. Or let our experts do the work and subscribe to our PPA valuation service to get a regular financial overview of your PPA contracts.

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Energy Storage Valuation

Let us help you assess battery business cases and find the optimal stacking of revenue streams. Or use our intra-day real-time optimizer software to boost or benchmark your battery trading profits.

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Gas storage optimization

Should I inject or withdraw gas? Should I adjust my delta hedges? Make more profit with your gas storage operations.

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Risk Analytics

One easy overview with all information about your potential future losses. Choose between Value-, Cashflow- and Earnings-at-Risk.

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Commodity Risk Management

Our CTRM module is designed for large industrials with exposures to multiple commodities. and provides insight into advanced risk metrics such as Cashflow-at-Risk and Value-at-Risk.

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Financial technology for energy and commodity markets

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Smart scheme for filling Dutch gas storage

The Dutch government made a reservation of more than Euro 600 million to cover the costs of filling the 45TWh of gas storage Bergermeer. Now that the filling season is over, it appears that state finances will actually see a big plus thanks to advantageous market developments and the smart scheme that was put in place. Read more ›

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