Valuation & Risk management for renewables

We can help you to value your power purchase agreements (PPAs)!

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Gas storage optimization

Should I inject or withdraw gas? Should I adjust my delta hedges? Make more profit with your gas storage operations.

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Risk Analytics

One easy overview with all information about your potential future losses. Choose between Value-, Cashflow- and Earnings-at-Risk.

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Portfolio & Risk Management

Still using Excel spreadsheets for your multi million commodity exposures? Switch to KYOS to reduce risks, costs and workload. No more cash flow surprises!  

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Financial technology for energy and commodity markets

News & Publications

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19 July 2022 | News & Highlights

Commodity prices: Insight in Risks

12 July 2022 | News & Highlights

Gold EcoVadis sustainability rating

PPA Insights: Short-term forecasting and imbalance costs

KYOS PPA Insight on short-term forecasting and balancing in power markets. Concern is the imbalance costs of renewable generation assets due to the intermittent nature,. Read more ›

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