Where are power prices going? What is the value of my power station or contract? How can I trade in the market to reduce electricity price risks? KYOS analytics provide answers.

Power producers

A power producer dispatches the plant in short-term markets and manages the risks in forward markets. But what is the right strategy, considering the technical constraints, price uncertainties and regulatory conditions?

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Power suppliers and utilities

The primary role of power suppliers and utilities is to provide electricity, gas and other services to consumers at the best price. Sourcing, trading and pricing operations must be most effective in order to survive in a competitive market. KYOS provides all the analytics to achieve this.

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Power traders

Power traders need price forecasting tools to identify market opportunities. KYOS analytics provides the full support to manage prices and contracts. It offers advanced forecasting tools of power prices, price simulations and power plant production.

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Power consumers

Electricity costs can make up a large part of the total company costs. Ultimately, companies want a low power price, but the perfect timing of purchases is virtually impossible. However, risks can be managed with KYOS analytical software and services.

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