PPA Insights: Solar radiation and wind speed data

Article in our serie “The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts” which explains more about the impact of solar radiation and wind speed.

PPA Insights: Production patterns of wind and solar

Article about the production patterns of electricity generation from wind turbines and solar PV, and influencing factors on outage.

PPA Insights: Renewable contract structures and valuation

Author: Cyriel de Jong, KYOS Energy Analytics PPA contract structures and valuation The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts This article explains what a renewable PPA contract is. Who are the buyers of such contracts and why? We also describe the main types of contracts, the contract parameters and the components that constitute the… Read more »

Optimal hedging of a gas supply portfolio – lessons from a warm winter

Many gas companies saw a loss in 2020 due to a warm winter and low prices. What would have been the optimal hedging? We explore different strategies.

PPA Insights: The financials of renewable power and PPA contracts

This article is the first in a series about the financials of renewable power and PPAs(Power Purchase Agreements). We will cover all aspects involved in a financial analysis of renewable electricity, such as solar and wind power.

LNG: Room for one extra regas terminal in Northwest Europe

LNG imports into Northwest Europe sharply increased since the fourth quarter of 2018. How much room is there for LNG regas terminals in Northwest Europe?

Changes to mean-reversion rate model

TTF gas spot prices recently showed a lot of movement. To better reflect these swings, we slightly changed the mean-reversion rate model.

Assessment transport costs Dutch gas storages

Are the high gas transport costs hampering the business case for Dutch gas storages? The ACM asked KYOS to investigate this situation.

Cointegration between power and fuel prices stronger than ever

KYOS calculated that in the German market the speed of cointegration between power and fuel prices increased. This is contrary to the common belief that power prices become less dependent on fuel prices due to the renewables penetration.

White paper: Benefits of outsourcing energy analytics

In the years 2000 energy companies built up large trading teams, with even larger teams for back office, middle office, portfolio management and risk management. Now that the times have changed, energy companies are forced to scale down rapidly. In this white paper publication, we describe how energy companies can reduce costs while improving their analytic capabilities and take better decisions.