Commodity prices: Insight in Risks

16 November 2020

Commodity prices and the impact on your cash flow

kyos insight in risks aluminium november 2020Commodity prices = price risks. Of course it depends on the commodity, but nearly all commodities experience fluctuations in price. How volatile is the price for your commodity? Furthermore,  are you aware of the impact it is having on your cash flow?

We will regularly have a look at commodities and their price volatility, and explain what it would mean for your business.

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Better Cash Flow management

Commodity prices = price risk, e.g. in wheatTo help you understand these risks associated with commodity prices and improve your cash flow prediction, KYOS has developed risk management software to effectively manage your commodity portfolio. Certainly we can tailor this software to reflect your specific requirements.

For example, are you using accumulators to manage your price risk? We have developed software to verify price valuations. Moreover, it enables you to have an independent MtM and allows you to play with the strikes to find the optimum.

The KYOS commodity portfolio & risk management system captures years of industrial experience in managing budgets, commodity contracts, hedging, market price analysis and cash flow forecasting.

Are you still using different spreadsheets to calculate your numbers? Whether you are in Procurement, Sales, Finance or Treasury – every department needs good, dependable figures. We are confident a good cash flow forecast will make your life easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss how we can help you save time – and probably money too.

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