Nevi Meetup: Free workshop 19 June 2020

Within the NEVI Meetup series, Richard Cornielje will host a workshop to explain the risk management of commodities and the challenges and opportunities that are involved in that. For example what is the price development of commodities, and what is the impact of the price volatility? Learn about the importance of risk management in your daily contract management, and how it affects the cash-flow of your company.

When: Friday 19 June 2020

Time: 10-11.00 CET

Register online: Nevi Meetup 19 June

You do not need to be a member of Nevi, and even better, there are no costs involved! Note that this event will be in Dutch.

Nevi Commodity-Tool for Procurement

As a purchaser or procurement manager, you are involved in buying (multiple) commodities for the production processes of the business. Maybe you can demand price flexibility from your larger suppliers, which hopefully results in contracts with new price indexations. When contracts include price indexations to traded commodities, financial risk management becomes inevitable. In addition, risk mitigation via (financial) hedging will become common practice. This is where the complexity starts and you will have to involve your colleagues from finance and treasury

To help you with this, we have teamed up with Nevi and developed the Nevi Commodity Tool. It is not as comprehensive as our KYOS Portfolio and Risk Management system, but it will definitely get you started on the concept of commodity risk management.

If you are a member of Nevi, an on-line subscription will costs you  only € 2.495 for a year. Non members pay € 2.895 euro (based on one user). For this you will get daily price updates of the following commodities:

  • Gas (NL TFF)
  • Energy (NL)
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Reinforced steel
  • Maize (corn) (#2 USA en Matiff EU, NY)
  • Coffee (Arabica en Robusta)
  • Wheat (CBOT USA and Matiff Europe)
  • Sugar (#11)
  • Rapeseed (Matiff Europe).

You will be able to make analyses yourself with the help of our advanced software. This tool offers standard templates to make your life easier. Perform some simulations with the tool before you decide on your purchasing strategy. What will lead to the lowest costs and highest income for the business?

For more information on the Nevi Commodity Tool and how to sign up: Nevi Commodity Tool



19 - 19 Jun 2020