Webinar: Accumulators in commodity contracts

webinar accumulatorsJoin us on this unique webinar about accumulators in the commodity trading markets.

Accumulators are option products which have benefits to commodity producers and consumers, allowing them to ‘accumulate’ sales or purchase volumes over a period of time at an attractive price. They are actively used in various commodity markets, such as coffee, aluminium, corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar and cocoa.

Free webinar Accumulators

In this webinar you will learn how

  • their pay-off is calculated;
  • to assess their value;
  • they create opportunities or risks in your portfolio;
  • and how to manage accumulators on a daily basis in the KYOS software.

This webinar is for anyone active in the commodity markets, either as a producer, a consumer, a trader or an advisor.

For more information about our KYOS software and services for commodity risk management: CTRM software

Webinar Details:

Topic: Accumulators in the commodity trading markets

When: Tuesday 17 November 2020

Time: 15.00 CET

Duration: about 45 minutes

Speakers: Cyriel de Jong & Floris Hendriks, KYOS

This webinar is free of charge, and will be recorded. We will hold this webinar in Zoom, the day before the webinar you will receive the log-in details.

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17 - 17 Nov 2020