Gazprom Storage 2014

18 February 2013

In 2014, we made a valuation of Gazprom storage – the virtual VHP-NCG storage offering. Gazprom is Russia’s largest natural gas exporter. With our gas storage modelling software KyStore, we performed an independent analysis of the value of Gazprom’s virtual storage.

Summary Report Gazprom Storage (VHP-NCG)

Via an auction arranged by Store-x, Gazprom offers virtual gas storage lots connected to NCG. The key details of the auction are as follows: the auction itself is held on 18 February 2013. Secondly the storage period starts 1 April 2013 and ends 1 April 2014.

To summarize: KYOS values the storage at 177 000 € and 135 000 € per lot assuming a discount factor of 0 and 5%, respectively. Dividing by the working volume, this is 2.73 and 2.08 €/MWh.

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Gas Storage optimization

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