Inspiratia Awards 2023

21 December 2023

KYOS to receive ‘Best software provider’ at Inspiratia Awards 2023

inspiratia awards 2023We are very proud to have won the prize for ‘Best Software Provider’ at the Inspiratia Europe Energy Transition Awards 2023! It is great that our solutions are recognized as leader in the field of renewable energy and perceived as highly valuable by both our customers and industry experts.

According to the judges at the Inspiratia Awards 2023: “When considering the nominees for the Best Software Award, a company’s ability to be adaptable frequently was considered. In an everchanging market, a software provider’s flexibility in terms of their clients and the market itself is crucial to the success it will have in the industry.”

inspiratia best software provider 2023Cyriel de Jong, Founder and CEO of KYOS, said: “KYOS has separated themselves from other energy software vendors by creating several different software modules that allow customers to choose the model package according to their needs. Its Analytics Platform utilises advanced methodologies for forecasting, simulation, optimization and risk reporting, all seamlessly integrated with each other. The different modules optimize business decisions for renewable assets, energy storage, electrolyzers, conventional generation and portfolio management. “ “In the last year, KYOS has continued to establish successful partnerships with different firms, despite the increasingly competitive market. The partnerships have helped the Dutch company be known across Europe, the Americas and Japan. With already many of the energy and utilities companies among its clients, KYOS is currently especially targeting towards investors and financiers that participate in the renewables sectors,” de Jong said.

To see the full commentary on KYOS: europe-energy-transition-awards-2023-report_KYOS