Post-event: Solar finance and investment summit

6 February 2024

Post event: Solar finance and investment summit 2024

Our colleague Ewout Eijkelenboom presented last week at the Solar Finance and Investment Europe 2024 conference, which took place in London, 31 January – 1 February 2024. Overal it was good to see the positive atmosphere in the industry. The outlook for PV projects is still very good. Combining PV assets with batteries and electrolysers will be key to ensure that the grid can also handle this growth.

His presentation was centered around the business case of co-located battery projects. Batteries will allow your project to make much more efficient use of your grid connection point. The added complexity to value this combined business case should not scare you and we certainly can help you making your business case. Our proprietary KyBattery model is designed with co-located assets in mind.

Slides of his presentation: KYOS presentation co-located batteries SFIE24

KYOS Energy storage model

The KyBattery Energy Storage Optimization model is our solution to value energy storages, including battery and pumped hydro operations. As the energy transition progresses, the industry develops many new solar and wind parks. But it is true that we cannot consume all energy at the moment that it is generated by these sources. Energy storage units are hence the answer to store the surplus of solar and wind energy and balance the electricity system.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your co-located project: