Post webinar new technologies

Cyriel de Jong discussed with Maarten Berkhout (SeaQurrent) and Walter Hueber (Kitepower) what they propose as possibilities to produce energy, and how these will fit in the renewable energy mix.

Post-webinar: Optimal value-stacking with batteries

In this webinar on optimal value-stacking with batteries, we discussed trading in short-term power markets, passive imbalance and FCR.

Post-event: Solar Finance and Invest 2022

Ewout Eijkelenboom spoke last week at Solar Finance and Invest 2022 in London, UK. During these two days, the agenda was filled with interesting presentations and discussion panels, centered around the topic of solar financing and investments. To see what he presented: 20220309 SolarInvest presentation KYOS final More information on financial aspects of renewable power… Read more »