Integrate your own code and models in the KYOS system with Python

9 March 2020
KYOS models: integrate your own code and models with Python

In our experience, there is no such thing as ‘standard’ – all our customers are unique and so are their requests.  Therefore we have developed something new: integrate your own code and models in the KYOS system.

At KYOS, we program our analytical models mostly in MATLAB, which provides the platform with a solid, mathematical framework. However, we found that we sometimes need more flexibility to customize and adapt the models to your requirements. We have found the solution in the free open source code Python

Did you know the inventor of Python was born in the same town – Haarlem, the Netherlands – as KYOS? Guido van Rossem created this programming language back in 1989. Just a nice coincidence. But more importantly, you can use Python to integrate your own specific algorithms into our Platform.

Let’s see some examples of what is possible to add with Python.

Specific contracts

If you have complex contracts that cannot easily be captured and valued in our standard functionality, use our Python extension for this. For example, you may have contracts with non-standard pay-off functions. Or contracts with accumulators, which we see more and more frequently among our agri-trading clients.

Time-series forecasting algorithms

If your business has a need for solar and wind forecasting, you may want to include a specific approach for weather modelling. With the Python extension you can incorporate your methodology in our Platform.

PPA valuation approaches

For the valuation of wind and solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), you often need a mix of very specific contracts parameters and time-series modeling.Your contract structures are likely to differ per customer and region. With this in mind, use Python to capture all the specific contract data. Combine this also with the weather forecast information to make the best possible analysis.

More information

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