Webinar LNG pricing and structures – follow up

5 November 2020

Webinar LNG pricwebinar LNGing and structures

The KYOS webinar on LNG that we organized 3 November 2020 was a great success. Ewout Eijkelenboom started off the webinar. He discussed the trends we currently see happening in the LNG market. Cyriel de Jong continued with LNG portfolio optimization. What are the elements involved and what is needed to assess your risk and manage this accordingly?

Please find underneath the link to the slide deck:

Presentation Webinar LNG Pricing and structures 20201103 final_c

New site on gas statistics

We have assembled a lot of useful statistics on underground natural gas storage and LNG tanks on our new website gas.kyos.com. The advantage is that you can use these statistics directly in the KYOS Analytical Platform. The gas storage and LNG modules in this Platform provide accurate valuations for a wide variety of assets and contracts: storage, swing, LNG shipping, transport, options, etc.

Valuation software and Advisory services for LNG

KYOS offers support to value contracts along the full LNG value chain. We accompany you from valuing liquefaction or regas projects, LNG off-take agreements to LNG storage contracts.

LNG contracts contain many types of price and volume flexibility. Understanding the value and risk of the flexibility in all these contracts is key to gain an edge in a more and more global LNG market. How can we help you in staying competitive in this market?

Thank you very much for your interest. If you have any questions, or would like a short demonstration about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us: iinfo@kyos.com.

In addition, if you missed this webinar, but still would like to watch it, please let us know by sending your details to info@kyos.com.