PPA Insights: European solar and wind power prices

What are the current long-term solar and wind power prices? Find these prices every quarter in our PPA Insights report, where we assemble solar and on-shore wind power prices for most European countries.

Energy Storage Report

Regularly we will publish an update in our energy storage report, where we give you an update about battery revenues for the European energy markets. We compare the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

Insights on European energy markets

Read our update on the European energy markets. See what happened on the energy markets and where the prices are heading. 

Post webinar new technologies

Cyriel de Jong discussed with Maarten Berkhout (SeaQurrent) and Walter Hueber (Kitepower) what they propose as possibilities to produce energy, and how these will fit in the renewable energy mix.

Gas Storage and Swing Report – quarterly update

Make the most of your gas storage! Read our quarterly update about storage and swing contracts and benchmark your own valuations.

Report Market price risk for regulated renewable assets in Spain

KYOS will provide regular updates for the Spanish renewable power market, in particular on price risk assessment for regulated renewable energy assets.

Post event: Power price forecasting forum 2023

Andras Kiss and Manuel Sanchez were in Milan on June 5 and 6 to present at the Power price forecasting forum 2023.

Post event: Financing renewable assets summit – Madrid

Ewout Eijkelenboom was in Madrid on June 7th to present at the Financing European Renewables Summit on risk management.

Commodity prices: Insight in Risks

Commodity prices all experience fluctuations, but how high is this volatilty? And what is the impact on your cash flow? KYOS will regularly look into this.

Post event: Commodity Trading Week London 2023

KYOS was present at Commodity Trading Week 2023, where we spoke about advanced risk management at all times. What is the impact of current market prices on your daily business?